Utah State Fair

One of my favorite things to do at the end of each summer is attend Utah's State Fair. Sadly, it's been years since I attended... or at least it had been years. Not any more. This year at the state fair:

Well, I appreciated the state art contests: photography, painting, sculptures, etc. Saw loads of animals: sheep, cows, goats, and pigs. Ps: Have I mentioned I want a pet pig? Strange, I know... but it's been a lifelong dream of mine. Someday…

Also significant... I won a trip to Yellowstone! Not kidding! Um... I'm not really sure what's going on seeing as I'm typically quite unlucky. Really though. My life's winnings include the Wicked lottery x2 and this now. Meaning the first time I won anything was last year. The second time a week or so ago. And the third... this. My fortune is changing!

The details: I was wandering around one of the fair exhibits when I passed a stand with photographs of Yellowstone. I love Yellowstone so it drew me in. Well, it just so happened that this booth was doing a drawing in 30 minutes for a chance to spin the wheel of prizes. Though our odds were slim to win the drawing, and then spin to win the grand prize, I thought why not? If I'm still around I'll come by to see.

Well, I was still around. There I stood with at least 50 other people waiting to see who the lucky one would be. Standing there as the man was about to draw the winner I thought to myself, Yeah... not going to happen. After all, I won the Wicked lottery just last week! Definitely can't pray to win this too (cause yes I totally prayed to win the Wicked lottery last week)... So I didn't pray. And then...I won!

"Rachel Price!" the man shouted. I was stunned. I didn't move. I said nothing. Normally I scream and jump up and down when I win. I did neither.

"Is there a Rachel Price here?" I merely raised my hand. Ha. How lame am I! What am I in school? Woman you just won the chance to spin for a prize! Show a little enthusiasm!

"Come on up for a spin!” So… I hate being in front of people. And I hate being the center of attention. But I was brave.

“Alright,” he said. “Go ahead and spin.” So I did. I watched as it went around and around. It began to slow as he was shouting, "...there is only one grand prize, but if you don't get that there's..." He stopped speaking. The crowd started cheering. I won the grand prize! ha! What were the odds! I was floored. Shocked. Even the man in charge seemed shocked. I really did win! I won a winter trip to Yellowstone! And I love Yellowstone! And so ensued the jumping and screaming. I'm convinced I was the most awkward winner of all time.

Not a bad day at the fair…

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