You know how most kids dream of being an astronaut? Yeah, that wasn’t me. I dreamed of being an archaeologist, anthropologist, mountain climber, explorer… but never an astronaut. Leaving the planet when there’s so much to learn here just isn’t all that appealing to me. That being said, I do love the universe. It is so mysterious, and all the while I’m convinced it holds the answer to everything… if only we could figure that one out. I also love the stars. Constellations…not so much. I just don’t see all those “animals” and “people” up there. They’re dots in the night sky! But the stars I love. Who would have thought that a black canvas with a bunch of shiny specs could be so thought provoking and awe inspiring.

Right. So stars. Why are we talking about the stars? You’re probably thinking I’m going to attempt to be profound or something here. Not so. No, no. I’m talking about the stars because it’s the perfect intro to discussing the supernova that has been visible the past week or so! Yes, a supernova! Do you know what that means? Supernova aka dying star that exploded some 21 million years ago and is only now visible! How cool is that! Hearing of this fantastic phenomena I knew I had to spot it. Only… I’m not so good with the stars (remember my inability…or refusal…to make out constellations). So I enlisted my brilliant 13-year-old sister to locate it with her telescope. And she did! It was incredible! Ok… so it looked somewhat like a star. Still, it was a supernova! I saw an exploded star! Tell me that’s not cool? (Sorry no pictures. I haven’t the foggiest how to photograph through a telescope…)

Stars. Another reason I love Utah. It’s difficult for them to make an appearance when they’re competing with the haughty lights of Manhattan.

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