The Sacred Grove

On our super awesome road trip, we decided to hit up a LDS Church History Site or two. (Note: I've decided to relay our road trip stops in their chronological order rather than by the order in which we visited them. I just think it'll make things easier to explain... and understand for that matter.) Now, LDS Church History. For those of you who aren’t familiar with LDS Church History, let me provide a brief background:

In 1820, a young boy by the name of Joseph Smith prayed in a grove of trees—now the Sacred Grove—in Palmyra, New York to find out what church he should join. Following his humble prayer, Joseph was visited by God the Father and His son Jesus Christ who told him to not join any church as the church that Jesus had established on the earth so long ago was no longer on the earth in its fullness. Joseph Smith was then called to restore Christ’s Church on the earth again. During his service and life, Joseph translated the Book of Mormon (another witness of Jesus Christ and a companion to the Bible), received authority to organize the Church, and was visited by countless heavenly beings. For more information see here or here.

So, as part of our road trip journey we stopped at the Sacred Grove.

Looks peaceful right? Well.. it normally is. Ha. I mean, there was a spirit of peace… only the high mosquito count made for a more... comical experience. Why we didn’t think to wear bug repellant, I’ll never know! The mosquitoes were rampant! And vicious! Within but one minute, I had bites about both my arms and legs! Still, I wanted to experience the grove, see the trees, and walk its hallowed trails. Seeing as no one else was in the grove (tourist season has apparently ended) we opted to run through it. Ok I lied, we decided to sprint, aka bolt through the grove in attempt to dodge those mangy insects! Not kidding. I literally sprinted through and along the sacred tree lined paths… We couldn’t not. No, let me clarify: Bekah and my Dad jogged while I ran… They were clearly not being targeted by these mosquito terrorists and so I left them in the dust. I had no choice. If ever I stopped a swarm of the nastiest mosquitoes fast congregated, no doubt intoxicated by the lure of my sweet blood. Why is it always my blood? My Dad got a few bite! But Bekah... none! Not one! But me, why I had seven within a minute of entering the grove! You see why I ran! After those first nasty bites I was determined to outsmart…aka outrun them. And I did. Talk about a great workout. Especially after four days in the car. Let’s just say it was my fastest trip to (or perhaps I should say through) the Sacred Grove. Quite memorable.

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