Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Following our 2007 winter break, my sister Bekah and I carpooled back to school together to take on 2008 at good old BYU. It's always hard returning to school after so much fun, family time, holiday parties, and of course no homework. So there we were somberly driving into Provo on a cold January 8th when we passed by Provo’s Center Street Theater. "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat... auditions 6-9pm January 7 and 8. Call # to set up an audition," their sign read. Now, you should probably know that a long standing life goal of mine entailed being in a community musical theater production. And I love Joseph. That being said, I am terribly shy of performing and though I can carry a tune here and there, my dance experience is... well nonexistent... ...hmmmm.

"Let's try out!" I exclaimed.
"What?" Bekah responded?
"Let's try out!"
"Are you serious? …you are serious."
"Why not?"
"Rachel! The auditions are tonight..."
She did have a point seeing as it was already 6:40pm. By then, however, that spontaneous adrenaline that makes my life so exciting had set in and I pulled out my phone and started dialing.
"What are you doing?" Bekah asked.
"Seeing if they have any more audition times... "
"What! [laughing] Oh my gosh this is so funny."
"Hi, I was just wondering if you have any more audition times available? ...No...? Tragic... Really! ...Yeah that works great... Uh huh.... 16 measures... Wonderful thanks! ...Oh right, Rachel and Rebekah Price... Great. Thank you. We'll be there."
"They did?"
"No. But they said they'd squeeze us in if we came around 7."
"What! That's in 30 minutes! Rachel we don't have anything prepared."
"I know. Ha. Isn't this exciting."
After a long and thoughtful pause she laughed, "Oh my gosh we're such dorks. Let's do it!"
"YAY!" And we ran to the apartment with just enough time to grab some music and head back.

Well... we made it. As the two halves of a camel! I'll let you guess which end I was. Ok I'm kidding. Well, half kidding. We actually made it as two of the brother's wives, Go Go dancers, and Egyptians! Aka chorus and... dancers? Yes... dancers!

And later we volunteered to be the two halves of a camel; it was Bekah’s dream. I was the rump… of course. Ha.'s ok to be jealous.

We practiced from 6-10 Monday through Thursday and 10-4 on Saturdays before performances started. I'd never been busier nor had so much fun at BYU. Come March we then began performances—totaling near 30—which took place Mondays and Thursdays through Saturday. Like I said, we were busy. With work, school, and the play we pushed ourselves to the limit. But oh did we have a blast! We loved [attempting to] dance. No no, let me clarify. Bekah is most graceful. It was I who was doing the attempting. And the singing was so fun! I love the music from Joseph! I love the characters and the story! And I loved being a part of such a fun and wonderful cast.

Well, three years later Bryan and I were able to join my family to see Hale Center Theater's current production of Joseph's wonderful tale. 

(One of my Dad’s coworkers and her mother joined us as well.)

And sweet Liz fell asleep…

To be honest, she was actually quite upset that she couldn’t sing along. Can you blame her?

Though I admit, I was a little Joesphed out after those four months of nonstop Joseph, three years more than cured me of that. In fact, the moment I heard the music begin to play I literally got giddy as a swarm of the most exhilarating and fun memories flooded my mind. I was in heaven. I think the hardest part about watching the production, however, was that I wanted join in myself! I'm with Liz! Honestly though, how awesome would that be if there were sing-along musicals!

Oh, but the play was just wonderful. The actors' voices were phenomenal. Broadway quality even (and this is coming from a girl who's only seen Broadway quality performances for the last two years). Not to mention the stage was incredible! Although the theater is small, they do a fantastic job with the space they have. And of course there were the fun costumes! One of my favorite parts about the musical, in fact, is the diverse styles of music with their accompanying dancing and costumes. So much fun! I love spending time with my family. And I love Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I loved it in 2008, and I love it now. 

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