Cabin Escape

So... it's been a good while since Bryan and I have been able to spend some low key one-on-one time with each other. We're talking a good long time. I mean think about it: I road tripped for a week, then we went to Boston where we hung out with my Pops and sister, then I vacationed in NY for a week while he worked obscenely long hours, then to Utah where he again has had ridiculous hours (though they're getting better) compounded with wanting to spend time with our families who we haven't seen in quite awhile... [deep breath] And even before all that, poor Bryan has been swamped with work. Needless to say, we've been lacking on some quality Rachel-Bryan time. Solution: a spontaneous cabin trip.

The tale: One lovely Friday afternoon Bryan and I determined that we needed some one-on-one time. Naturally, we concocted a brilliant plan to run away to my grandparent's cabin for the weekend. Thankfully, the cabin was available and my grandparents generously let us take it over. Thus we headed up to the mountains to their lovely cabin that's so perfectly tucked away from the nuances of everyday life. Isn't it quaint?

It was everything you could ask for: relaxing, serene, fresh, grounding. We explored, hiked, bbq'd, star gazed, sat by the fire, roasted marshmallows, read, chatted... It was perfect. I la-love my husband!

I showed Bry the fort the cousins have long worked on. It's a bit... well it's kind of falling over. But that's ok. Ha.

We also attempted to hike to the beaver dam by Smith and Morehouse. And by attempt, I mean we almost got to the beaver dam. Still a turn or two away, however, we turned back seeing as some hunters had just seen a bear hanging out there. And though one of the nearby campground workers offered to let us hike with his shotgun (not joking), we thought it best to rain check on the beavers and their dam. But it was still a lovely adventure... We picked fluffy flowers, made wishes, then blew all of the fuzziness to ensure they’d come true.

We raced leaves under the bridge and down the river.

Bry borrowed my glasses... super sexy dearest.

And I just love Fall. Sure it's early, but the leaves are already beginning to change. Everywhere we looked was a painting! Look at how gorgeous.

And please appreciate my handsome husband manning the grill. He's one fantastic cook! Ladies be jealous!

Now, a few more fantastic items about this cabin. First: they have they coolest bird clock! It makes bird noises at each hour.

My siblings tend to leave awesome art:

And, there is a haunted cabin nearby. Really though. The creepy cabin is situated deep within the trees, can only be reached by an eerie overgrown path, it’s rundown, mostly boarded up though the front door always remains ajar, and the first time we went there were knifes literally stabbed into the table! I can’t remember ever staying more than two minutes in the place… if that. It’s full of the most dreadfully petrifying noises. Aka haunted. And lest you think I’m the only one who believes it’s haunted, please appreciate some of my sibling’s/cousin’s maps.

Like I said. It’s haunted. That’s why we call it the Haunted Cabin. We're really mature... Tragically I didn't even take Bryan there… to this haunted cabin, that is. Why? Well I didn’t want to be scared.

That being said, one of my favorite memories was when my dad and I snuck in through the woods and hid near the cabin to scare my siblings who were coming to brave the haunted structure. The snow was deep—waist deep. They approached on snowmobiles and parked them ready for a rapid escape. It was dark. The snow muted all but their crunching footsteps, though even those were faint. Slowly they approached. And then,
"AAAAAAAAAAAH!" my dad and I jumped out!
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" they screamed as they bolted away in the snow.
Oh it was hilarious! Only once they had recovered from their fear did they forgive us for our prank. It was epic.

Another of the infamous haunted cabin pranks was the time my “innocent” mother turned off all the lights on our cabin—inside and out—while we were gone! Instead of fleeing from haunted to safety, we were doubly scared! I mean, talk about creepy in a dark and snowy forest in the middle of the night! Ah the haunted cabin. Anyway, Bryan is going to have to be inducted into that frightening tradition another time...

Finally, it is a tradition to stop for milkshakes in Oakley sometime during every cabin trip. This trip was no different.

Delicious and fun!

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