As I mentioned, our epic road trip ended in Boston where I spent a total of 20 hours (Wednesday/Thursday) helping Bekah get situated in her new Boston setting. Activities included finding her adorable apartment, getting a burger from Uburger (divine), finding a bed and driving with it strapped to the top of her lil car,

adventuring on the T (their "subway"), eating the most pathetic "taco salad" in the history of taco salads (Lettuce, chicken, and salsa...that's it! No beans! No cheese! No chips!), walking through Harvard's medical campus and by the Boston Children’s Hospital (where my mama worked on the 8th floor), stopping by Brigham and Women’s Hospital—my birth hospital (Yes I was born in Boston. Why I lived there until I was 6-years-old.), and the likes.

[Appreciative Sigh] Boston.

Secretly (and yet not so secretly) my heart at times yearns for a long term Boston experience. Meaning, I'd love to live there. Yes, again. Why? ...have you been there? Have you seen the city? It's beautiful! It's gorgeously quaint! It has the perks of a big city while holding to a small town, neighborly feel. Not to mention the accessible and to die for country—lush with greenery and trees—and ocean! Boston is my kind of city. Don't get me wrong, NY is absolutely amazing, but right now we're talking Boston. Doesn't Boston just seem like a perfect place to settle? You get the big city, access to the outdoors, great sea food, East Coast charm, phenomenal international airfare costs (particularly to Europe and the Caribbean), history, four true seasons... I just don't see how you can go wrong. Someday, perhaps. Someday.

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