Boston in 3 Days

Right. So my 20 hours in Boston. Well, those 20 hours passed quickly. Too quickly. So quickly, in fact, that once Bryan and I finished packing up our NY apartment we spontaneously ventured back to Boston for the Labor Day weekend! You see, Bryan has long wanted to visit Boston, but with school and jobs we just never got around to it. Well, fortunately Bryan's job extended his NY training for an additional week last minute (now through September 9), so we had a spare weekend to fill. And seeing as we successfully accomplished 98% of our NY bucket list, Boston was a given. Thus Boston take 2. This time in 3 days.

First stop: Boston Aquarium
My mom used to love taking my siblings and me to this infamous aquarium when we lived in Boston some 20 years ago, and it’s no wonder why. The entire center of the aquarium is one enormous tank—filled with turtles, fish, sharks, and all sorts of sea life. It was breathtaking. I was so mesmerized, in fact, that I didn’t even think to take pictures! And the tank, itself, is surrounded by a spiral ramp that leads to the different floors. I was in heaven. After all, one of the 7,532 careers I’ve considered and dreamed of throughout my life is a marine biologist. Oh yes, Bryan’s favorite part was touching the sting rays and sharks! They were… slimy.

Fenway Park
One of Bryan's (and most guys) lifelong dreams is to attend a Red Sox game at the one and only, Fenway Park. Well...drum roll… check. You see, Bryan’s and my Boston trip really developed when my Dad, Bekah, and I were looking up Boston activities… for Bekah of course. I mentioned Bryan's Fenway dream and the rest was history; his fantasy became a reality.

After all, you can’t visit Boston without attending a Red Sox games; it’s culture. So following our trip to the aquarium, Bryan and I met Bekah and my Dad (who were still getting her apartment situated) at Fenway Park for one fantastic, all-American ballgame.

My Dad and Bryan were in heaven. Bekah and I obviously were excited to attend as well... only I think for a different reason. Where the boys (yes I'm referring to Dad and Bryan here) were beyond giddy to see the Red Sox play in Fenway Park because of their love of baseball... Bekah and I were more excited to chat amidst our cheering because we knew we couldn’t visit/live in Boston without attending a Red Sox game. And you know, it was pretty cool to see a home run and a grand slam in Fenway Park. Pretty neat. Good work Red Sox (shhhh…don’t tell my Yankees).

Following the game we all went to Legal Sea Foods in the Prudential Center. Deeeee…licious! They even had gluten free rolls…that were good! Who knew! But sadly (but really comically) they were out of every side I requested—potatoes, broccoli, etc. Typical. Ha.

Oh yes, and I tried some of Bryan's lobster. My first lobster experience ever.

It was... chewy. And... not my favorite. At all. I don't get it what the big hype about it is. If you dip lobster in butter (which is apparently how you eat lobster?) it just tastes like butter. Aka it's as good as eating butter only with the strangest and most repulsive texture. "Cook a lobster meal" used to be on my life goals list. Yeah, not any more. I'm more of a fish, shrimp, and other kinds of sea food gal. I'll pass on the lobster. Thanks though.

Museum of Science
When my family visited Boston in 2005, one of my favorite memories was this fantastic museum that makes learning fun! Ok, I’m actually a nerd and really like learning so this museum was and still is right up my alley. What did we learn? Well, Bryan and I attended the Lightening Show in which they made the largest indoor lightening storm. Pretty cool. Oh right, and for those of you who didn’t know cars are a safe bet in a lightning storm… but not because of the tires. It’s actually because of the metal. Yeah, kind of bizarre.

What else? Oh yeah, we then went to a show on Newton’s Three Laws of Physics. Loved that show. The scientist shot a pencil using a pencil gun (who knew those existed) through a wooden board. I was intrigued.

Aside from their scientifically exciting shows, the museum was filled with interactive experiments and learning of all kinds. We learned about probability, acceleration, engines, machines, space, dinosaurs… it was a blast. I'm convinced one could spend a good couple of days digesting the information and fun of this museum.

Oh, ps... I solved the Tower of Hanoi puzzle they had there in the least possible amount of moves! [And the crowd goes wild!] And not by fluke. I repeated it! Four times! For those of you who have seen the Planet of the Apes—whether the old or most recent one—it is the puzzle with three rods and a number of disks stacked on one of the rods. The object: move the entire stack to another rod obeying three simple rules.

  1. Only move one disk at a time
  2. You can only remove the top disk from any pile at any given time
  3. No disk may be place on top of a smaller disk

As a Planet of the Apes fan (we’re talking the old school films in particular) I wanted to prove my intelligence compared to one of the apes… even if the apes were nonrealistic movie characters… Ha. Like I said, I’m a nerd.

Duck Tour
Next only to Fenway Park, Bryan craved to go on a Duck Tour while in Boston. I'll be the first to admit, I had no idea what he was talking about. A Duck Tour? I was thinking Make Way For Ducklings or something…? Wrong. And funny enough, Duck Tours are unbelievably popular among Boston tourists. So what is it? Ah, well... it's a truck and it’s a boat. A truck boat. Aka one of those WWII trucks that can drive on land one minute, then serve as a boat the next.

Well, a "Duck Tour" is a nice overview tour of the city that takes you around Boston AND Boston Harbor—half on land and half on water. Brilliant.

World's largest teapot.

We went right at sunset and couldn't be happier.

Please note the adorable baby/child that wouldn't stop staring at Bryan. Ha.

Little Italy
For dinner that evening, Bry and I ventured to Little Italy for a to die for pasta dinner. Yum! Now if only I could remember the name of the restaurant… hmmmm…. Well, it was gluten free. And it was good. Lucky for us, they were even able to slip us in without having to wait with the rest of the crowd. We’re still not sure how we managed that… And following our scrumptious dinner we got ourselves some gelato and strolled along the piers. An accidentally romantic evening, no?

The Freedom Trail
Monday aka Labor Day we—Bryan, Bekah, and her roommate—dedicated to taking on the Freedom Trail. After all, the Freedom Trail is Boston. Ok, not really. But a trip to Boston isn’t complete without this walk through history (as if I’m an authority on Boston).

So, I love history. Going back to high school if you were to ask me what my favorite classes were they would include English, creative writing, geography, and… history. True, I passed on taking AP US History... but only because the exam was on my birthday! I'm not even kidding. I was in AP US History for a day... but the second the teacher announced the exam date I was up and out of there. What? I like pampering myself on my birthday. It's the one day of the year everyone is supposed to honor me. Ha.

Right. Well history. I love it. I loved reading the tales and history. I loved the refresher on the stories and sacrifices our forefathers made for our sake. Our forefathers were phenomenal! They are phenomenal! Look at what they built. What I always find truly interesting about US History is the reality that our country was formed on the foundation of God. No wonder it prevailed; with God as their leader and guide, how could it not? And so we have the Freedom Trail.

And don't ask...

Along the trail we stopped for lunch at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Um...coolest food mall ever! Like I said, Boston is pretty much amazing! After lunch we happened upon rental bikes! Only... Boston has rental bikes you can pick up and drop off anywhere! It's like vending machine bikes! Well, kind of. Anyway, we biked! In fact, we biked the rest of the Freedom Trail and loved every second of it!

That being said, we're still not entirely sure what Boston's bike laws are regarding sidewalk riding vs street riding. We got a fair few nasty glares and comments whether on the street or sidewalk, but we had fun!

And last stop on the Freedom Trail: the USS Constitution. This was third on Bryan's Boston to do list. A naval ship! I really love the boy in my husband.

Right. So, that was "last stop on the Freedom Trail"...not "last stop on our bike ride". Meaning, we’re not done yet. After the Freedom Trail we next ventured back to the Boston Commons to check out Mack, Lack, Jack, Quack, Tack... ok something like that... from one of my favorite children's book, Make Way for Ducklings

Having grown up in Boston this was always one of our favorite bedtime stories. The story tells the tale of Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings and the reside on this island (or one like this):

Anyway, we returned the bikes then spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing, napping, chatting, laughing, taking pictures, and playing throughout the Boston Commons.

...ha. I couldn't decide which I liked better.

And finally, our journey came to an end back at Uburger. Um, I love their burgers. As in, they might be the best burgers I've ever had! You see, I can't eat gluten, so normally I have to sit there with a knife and fork and cut my measly meat paddy... Not at Uburger. No. First, they don't believe in measly meat paddies. Second, they have a "bunless burger"—perfect for those with Celiac—in which they wrap the meat, tomatoes, pickles, onions, sauce, etc in a hefty amount of lettuce and compile it in such a way that you can even hold it …like a normal burger and not get all messy. Or...that messy! It was divine! I'm obsessed. Sorry NY shake shack... but you've got nothing on Uburger. And that is no small statement.

Alas, we had to bid farewell to Bekah and her roommate—they had school and we had our double decker bus to catch. What a fun Labor Day weekend! Like I said, love Boston!

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