The Steps of the MET

The girl I nanny and I ate lunch on the steps of the MET today. We're talking the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I loved it. Hanging out on the steps of the MET has long been one of my favorite New York pastimes. Simple, I know. But so fun! The diverse crowd the MET steps attract is entirely alive, and yet completely content—tourists and residents alike. It’s a place for sitting, meditating, soaking up some rays, laughing, and conversing with friends. At any given moment you can hear chatter in a dozen different languages. And the scents: hotdogs, waffles, falafel, and pretzels accompany every breath. But my favorite part, is the myriad of performers the steps attract. Singers, dancers, jugglers, rappers, bubble blowers… I love street performers. They’re so fun and talented! And some so random! Yet that randomness only enhances the fun! Today, we were so lucky to have a fantastic group of singers who serenaded us with some beloved oldies.

The little girl and I danced and clapped… we couldn’t have been more pleased. I'm telling you, the energy on those steps is unreal. It’s contagious! It’s an experience involving every sense. And it’s free. Love those steps! 

MET Tip: The MET admissions is merely a “recommended” price. You can pay whatever you feel comfortable paying and no one will ever bat an eye.

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