Pant Wetting...

I recently apologized for writing so much about my experiences and stories as a nanny. Well, I take it back. Ha. What I mean is, my life right now is being a nanny. And I love it! So… yeah. Nanny stories. And, can you believe it, I forgot the best one from last week! You’ve likely gathered from the title that the little girl I nanny wet her pants… (That or you're thinking I did, which thankfully is not the case.) Well she did. And the story is adorable.

It’s simple really. Hide-and-seek (a favorite game). Remember how I discussed it it here? Well, same routine: I'd count, she'd hide in her three same spots, I'd seek, count, hide, seek, count, hide, seek... the... Then, out of the blue, she hid somewhere new! She hid behind a different door! Huge, I know. Well, seeing as this was a new spot for her I didn’t want to “find” her too quick. You know, I wanted her to think her new spot was awesome! Because it was! Consequentially I took my sweet time finding her. Then alas I swung back the door, 

“There you are!” I exclaimed.
She didn’t move. She didn’t smile. “I pee peed,” was it.
“What?” I was confused. Normally she jumps up shouting You found me! Awesome!
“I pee peed.”
“You... Oh.”

The sweet girl wet her pants. Turns out she was so dedicated to her hiding spot and the game that she couldn’t dream of leaving her place. That's devotion. And so, she wet her pants. Then, to make matters worse, the poor darling slipped in her own lil mess. I felt so bad. But at the same time, I found it adorably hilarious? In fact, I was dying. Not in front of her, of course. Tell me that's not funny in the cutest way possible? Oh she’s too precious!

After cleaning her up I asked, “Do you think maybe next time you have to use the bathroom during the game we could pause the game? Maybe say...'time out'?”
By the look on her face I could tell that thought never crossed her mind, “Oooooh. Ok.”

Well, "Time out" really seems to have resonated with her. Now every time she needs to use the restroom she shouts "Time out!" During meals, at the park, on walks... Even cuter! [Sigh] I'm really going to miss this girl! 

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