Our move out date is September 3. That’s soon. That’s really soon. And actually, let’s say September 2 because that’s when we’re loading up the truck with all our stuff. That’s even sooner. It gets better though. I’m actually leaving to help my sister, Bekah, drive from Utah to Boston for grad school this Friday… through next Wednesday-ish (roadtrip!). And seeing as Bryan has an unbelievably hectic work schedule, most the packing is up to me. So really, 95 percent of the packing must be done this week if I’m to fit it in. And seeing as today is my only free day this week, I should probably get on it. Which brings us to the daunting task of starting.

I have boxes, I have bubble wrap, I have packing tape… but where to start? The closet? The bookshelf? The bathroom? The pictures? There are so many places to start! And we live in a studio! Feeling a bit…overwhelmed… I sought advice from the wisest woman I know: my mom. Yes I’m 25 and still call my mom for advice on a regular basis. You would too if you had my mother. And you better believe I’ll be calling her for advice for…well forever. She’s brilliant. She really has the best advice! She's wise, and always knows exactly what to say.

Her wisdom: Choose an area where it will look like you did a lot. Something that can advertize ‘Yeah I’m doing a good job’. Then you can move on to the less obvious things. But you want to start somewhere that gives that big visual effect of making a change. It’s kind of like positive reinforcement. Some say “Make it your home as long as you can…” My mentality is “Nah, I want my drastic change that says ‘Go me!’”

You see why I love her! Tell me that’s not wisdom. She knows me all too well. Love her. Thank you Mom! I’m taking on the bookshelf: it’s in the open, it’s full... I’ll notice it alright. Pictures: you’re next.

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