Mysteriously Picturesque

When strolling along the Hudson the other night, I noticed these wooden… the water.

What are they? No really, what are they? I haven’t a clue. I mean, I have some guesses… but they’re just that: guesses. And they're not even very good guesses. Anyway, I found the sunset, water, and strange wooden things mysteriously picturesque in a lovely sort of way. Staring out at this view, I confess, I even slipped into a peaceful trance. It was one of those moments where all is right and you cant help but appreciate... everything. Isn't it amazing how influential water can be? When calm, nothing can sooth you like a large body of water or a gently running stream. If it's upset or stormy, however, water can completely overwhelm you and fill you with fear and anxiety. It's a powerful thing, water. A mysteriously beautiful thing.   

And isn't it gorgeous?! … in an odd, I don't know what those are, sort of way? [Sigh] I'm going to miss this place.

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