Living Mayhem

I am a walking disaster, living mayhem, a calamity magnet, klutz, accident prone...

(Note: Before you worry about my emotional wellbeing, please realize that I’m saying this in a positively humorous way. And if I’m laughing, you can definitely laugh. In fact, you should laugh.)

Really though, I am a walking disaster. You know those people whose mere presence screams disaster, accident, or danger. Yeah that’s me. Somehow disaster finds me. Not end of the world, truly life threatening kind of disasters, but the pathetic sort that you can’t help but ask, “Did that really just happen?” Or in my case say, “Of course that would happen.” Again, it’s all rather comical. No, it’s extremely comical!

Examples? Well, in truth these things happen so frequently that I fail to document most. We’re talking everyday occurrences! Still, there was the bookshelf that just tipped over way back here. Or the overflowing washing machine here.

How bout recently though? Well, just this weekend our AC drain got clogged and spilled water all over our bed…and the boxes stored beneath (don’t worry, my music survived).

Or how bout today. Oh happy day, today. [Sigh] Ha. Well, I was sitting on my couch, chatting with my lil sister (Bekah) on the phone, when it started to rain. It was a lovely rain. Ok, actually it was a bit intense. Lightening, thunder, wind, torrential downpour… it was raining so hard, in fact, that it almost looked as if the rain was coming through my window. Oh wait, it was coming through my window. Problem!

I hung up, jumped up, grabbed the books out of the way (we use the windowsill as a bookshelf), and ran for towels… lots of them. Ok first I actually tried to see if the window was open. It wasn’t. And honestly, I couldn’t figure out how the water was coming in through our closed window… I mean if it were open there’s a simple solution. But in this case, water appeared to be seeping through the sides of the window…as though it weren’t properly in place. Exciting really. And, seeing as I couldn't do much myself, I called the super. Then I kept replacing towels, called my sister back, laughed, and once the rain stopped the super showed up. At first I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy.

“Yes, it came through the closed window.” I kept having to reassure him.
“You didn’t change anything?” “No. Just grabbed some towels.”
“The window was shut?” “Yes, it was shut. Haven’t changed a thing.” 
“You didn't spill anything?” “No. Did not spill. Like I said, it came through the window.”

Finally he climbed on the roof (we’re on the top floor) where he discovered that the drain was clogged and so water was spilling over at our window. He seemed satisfied with having cleared it out. But somehow I don’t believe that explained the rain coming through the window...? Eh, oh well. He cleared that drain and well…we’re in the packing process anyway (can't believe we move SO soon). 

You see the disastrously amusing, adventurous, and exciting life of Rachel? I’m a klutz. I’m accident-prone. And you know what, I love it. Honestly though, it makes life exciting and fun! Always keeps you on your toes. Can never get too comfortable. I mean, how many people find adventure sitting in their own apartment? Exactly. Stay tuned for more disasters.

PS: Please appreciate that in the process of writing this, I knocked my lovely homemade veggie stir-fry rice bowl on the ground. Take two.

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