Husband's Birthday

Bryan received the ultimate birthday present yesterday: home by 7!!! Not kidding! Birthday Boy was home by 7pm! SEVEN! (Not sure who was more excited about this surprise present…Bryan or me!) Thus we had plenty of time for some fantastic Mexican food: CafĂ© Fritas! We love LOVE their fajitas. (I also highly recommend their fish tacos! Mmmm.)

And then of course, we had some candles, singing, cake, and ice cream…

He even blew out all 26 in one breath (ok 24…I didn’t have enough)! Impressive no?!

And though nothing will ever beat the surprise party my sweet sister Liz threw him last year (here), I have to say that the Tie Dye Cake I made for him wasn't far behind…

Note: This one looks more Play Dough or Crayola Cake than Tie Dye. Perhaps I didn't swirl it enough this time…?

(Do you like how we chopped it all up just to appreciate it! We're cool, I know.)

Eh. Either way, cake is cake! And it was goooood!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRY! Hope you had a fantastic day! You're a stud!

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