Another nanny story. What?! So, I love my job! That’s a good thing, right? Anyway,

Setting: The toddler’s lovely one bedroom apartment.
Characters: Toddler, Me
Story: Hide-and-seek. Enough said.

Um… Ok, I’ll elaborate. Once upon a time it was raining, and raining hard. Consequentially, the 2-½-year-old I nanny and I were stranded indoors from noon to seven. What to do…? Well, she wanted to play hide-and seek. Not once, not twice, not even just ten or so times…. No, no. We played hide-and-seek for a good 2 ½ hours! Yes, hours! And even though I offered to hide some, she insisted on hiding every time. I thought about throwing a fit just so I could hide once… but then I thought otherwise. Kidding. Right, game. I then counted to whatever random number the toddler selected each round (Which she’d make me guess, by the way. Meaning, I would ask “What number should I count to this time?” To which she would reply, “I’ll give you a clue. It’s between __ # and __#.”): 17, 53, 101… you get the idea.

Well, I would count, she would hide, I would seek, then I’d find, and we both would cheer... Exciting right? Actually, it was rather comical seeing as there are only so many places you can hide in a one bedroom apartment! I mean really, we had the main room, bedroom, bathroom, and just a few closets… Funny enough, I don’t know that it would have made a difference to this toddler if we were in a house with 100 rooms! Why? Oh gee. This sweet toddler only ever hid in the same three spots! I was dying of laughter! Love her!

Favorite spot one: behind the jackets on the coat rack (feet entirely visible).
Favorite spot two: behind the bedroom door (hands entirely visible as she held the door in place).
Favorite spot three: on her bed (Yes, in plain view! The first time I "found" her there I didn't even pretend not to see her. Instead I asked, "Oh, are you done?" Apparently she didn't understand what I meant because she jumped up shouting, "HURRAY! YOU FOUND ME!" That I did.).

I suggested other hiding spots, but no. She was content with her token three. And if she was happy, I was happy. Thus, for me it became more a game of trying to think of as many wrong places to look as possible, before "finding" her. So I’d reach the token final number from 17 to 101, call out “Ready or not, here I come”, and then “search”.

“She’s not in this closet… not under the table… not under the bed… not in the bathtub nor the toilet (she snickered loudly after this one)… not outside in the hall… not on top of the bookshelf… not outside the window… not in the toy box… not in the stroller… not inside the dresser… not in any of the kitchen cupboards… not here… not there… where could she be?! AH-HA! Right on top of the bed! How did I not see you?!”

You may not think so, but it was actually rather difficult to pretend that I hadn’t seen the child…in a hysterical sort of way. Like I said, love her. What’s particularly funny is she is one of the smartest children I know! No, the smartest 2-½-year-old I’ve ever known. I mean she reads... and not just kind of. No, she read reads! No slowly sounding things out, no needing help, nothing. She can even read silently in her head! But the whole concept of hiding… yeah, she hasn’t quite grasped that one just yet.

I was thoroughly entertained. What a wonderful afternoon.

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