Happy Birthday Husband

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Bryan is 26! Twenty-six years old! Cutest 26-year-old I know. Really though. I’m one lucky gal!

So how bout 26 things I love about him for each of his 26 years! I love…
  1. How easily he makes me laugh! He’s brilliantly witty! And downright fun! Not to mention, he has the greatest sense of humor!
  2. How hard of a worker he is. He works hard! I think he sleeps half as much as I do! He really is so dedicated to his work, not so he can get personal gain but to support our family. I am so lucky to have such a devoted and family oriented husband!
  3. How he smiles with his eye. The sides of his eyes get all squinty when he grins his handsome and most contagious grin! Love it!
  4. How much he cares about and loves his siblings and parents, and of course his nieces.
  5. How much he cares about and loves my siblings and parents.
  6. How much he loves superhero movies! Thor, Transformers, Green Lantern, Captain America, X-Men, Spiderman, Superman, Batman… You name it, he’s seen it. And even if it got horrible reviews, guarantee he loved it!
  7. How he thinks Superman is better than Batman… His naivety is touching, no?
  8. His need for cleanliness! It’s almost funny how much a sink full of dirty dishes will keep him from being able to relax.  
  9. How appreciative he is. He is one of the most appreciative people I know. Even if my cooking is… well terrible, he appreciates it. No really though, in all facets of his life. He doesn’t miss anything; he is so grateful for everything.
  10. His curiosity. He wants to know how everything works. He reads, studies, explores, questions… It’s inspiring really.
  11. That he eats gluten-free when he’s with me, not out of dietary necessity but out of love. Tell me that’s not sweet?
  12. How he kisses me first thing in the morning, the moment he walks in from work, just before he goes to sleep, and of course in between.
  13. How he sends me comical pictures of the most random things—wrinkly people, freaky cats, etc—throughout the day.
  14. How friendly he is with everyone! He’s so good with people. He’ll chat with anyone.
  15. How slow he is to anger. And by that I mean, how he doesn’t get angry. And with that, his patience. He is so understanding, so calm, and so easy going. Not a pushover, but loving. And believe me, that’s something when married to me. I can be a handful!
  16. How he tries to out cheese me by sending me the most disgustingly cheesy love “poems”. Don’t worry, neither of us are serious. But I love him for it!
  17. How he now drinks Diet Coke now that I’ve given it up. Haha.
  18. How he will sit and play his guitar for hours. He is so talented. 
  19. His sense of adventure and willingness to try new things.
  20. How he loves the opportunity to play handyman so that he can take things apart… and then perhaps fix them. AC, laptop, plumbing, hinges… you name it!
  21. How he talks to himself while playing handyman. “Aaaaaaaaaah. That’s the problem. Now if I could just….” “Yep! That’ll take just a sec…” Notice he always trails off at the end of each statement… 
  22. How I can talk with him for hours and hours and hours… and it never gets old.
  23. His gift of playing Michael Bolton’s “When a Man Loves a Woman”—the first song we ever danced to—at the most hilariously random times!
  24. His love of service. He is constantly serving—though he’ll never tell you. He serves me, our families, friends, random strangers on the street… He loves to help people!
  25. His love of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. I especially love and admire his ability and willingness to share that love.
  26. How much he loves me!

Happy Birthday Bry! Love you tons and Tons and TONS! May year 26 be the BEST yet!

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