Bronx Zoo

Ever since I reviewed the Central Park Zoo (here) I’ve been feeling a bit guilty. Meaning, I’ve been wondering if I was perhaps a bit too harsh… that is until yesterday. Yeah. Central Park Zoo you’re still pathetically puny! One step into the Bronx Zoo assured that.  

Right, so as you can see, Bryan and I spent yesterday afternoon at the Bronx Zoo. How to describe it? Love at first site. Ok so the Bronx Zoo is a zoo. Ha. No but really, it’s a legit zoo! A zoo zoo, if you will. They have EVERYTHING (or at least everything I wanted to see…). They had Lions, and Tigers, and Bears. Oh my... er... sorry. I couldn't help myself. Good old Wizard of Oz, right? Only, they really had those three animals! And more! Much more! The lions:

The bears. Fantastic bears even! Ok, so one was lazily chilling up on the rocks, but three were actively playing in the water! Well, to start only two were in the water. This guy was wandering around.

See him by the water? Well as he approached the water, one of the other bears hid himself under the water. Then—just when this dry bear was close enough—the hiding bear sprung up and pulled his buddy in! It was hilarious! The three bears then spent the next while dunking each other, splashing each other, and pulling each other back in the water when any one tried to get out. I was dying! It was like watching a bunch of young boys at the pool… only they were bears. Too fun and funny!

Side note: Do you ever wonder how bears thoughts work? I mean, humans think in words… so how do they think? Compared to a human, are we talking infant-like? Toddler-like? Child-like? And though you probably can’t truly compare the two, I’d still like to know. Anyway, zoo. There were elephants, zebras, snakes (Bryan's favorite...not),

Rhinos and these adorable little guys:

Aren't they cute? They also had seals:

Oh, and they even had a polar bear! A very important part of a zoo, if you ask me.

And of course, they had some apes... who, I might add, gave the brown bears a run for their money (And bears are my favorite animals!). Not kidding. Quick rewind, we actually arrived at the apes special exhibit two minutes after they let the last party enter …meaning people were still in there and we were locked out! Tragic right? Only momentarily. Hearing how sad we were at being denied entrance, a sweet security guard (and my most recent hero) showed us in through the back entrance. Score! She must have taken pity on my distraught face. No really. Ha. And what an absolute treat! Those apes were downright entertainers! And oh did they know it! Really! The apes quite literally were putting on a show: posing, spinning, dancing…  it was hilarious! Look at them!

Everyone was cheering and applauding! Both the apes and people were eating it up! It was a fabulous note to finish the zoo on. NYC Bucket List item 17 aka Bronx Zoo. Check!

Oh but we’re not finished. Not just yet. In honor of the spectacular apes and day at the zoo, Bry proposed that we have an ape evening! What? (I know I asked the same thing.) His fantastic idea was twofold:

First, an "ape dinner": veggies—carrots, cucumber, peppers, and broccoli—dipped in hummus (I’m sure at least one ape somewhere has dipped veggies in hummus … No?). Brilliant!

Second, the new movie release: Planet of the Apes. Again brilliant! And SO fun! Really though. I grew up watching those movies with my Dad! It brought back so many wonderful memories! Good times. Thank you husband for the spontaneous and most fun evening.

And what an unbelievably fun(ny) and most random day! You don’t have to tell us: we are complete nerds and we love it!

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