Broadway in the Park

The girl I nanny and I ventured down to appreciate some Broadway in Bryant Park today (I was ecstatic that it didn’t overlap with naptime). Broadway in the park. Um…Glorious! Truly glorious! Take the leads from the top Broadway musicals, make a concert of them performing their most popular songs, put them in a park, and… there you have it: Broadway in the park. Oh, and did I mention it was free? Like I said, glorious!

Wicked’s "The Wizard and I":


And "As Long as Your Mine”:

Side note. Not going to lie, it was kind of weird seeing the actors in street clothes… But kind of cool too.

The funniest part though was I had to keep the little girl on my shoulders during the entire performance even though we could see perfectly fine. Why? Well, because whenever I set her down she tried to dance and sing louder than the performers. Let’s just say, I really think she was louder than the performers. Note: she knew none of the real words. On my shoulders, however, she was mesmerized. Then the two of us sang later.

(Like what she did to my hair?! Hot no?! Ha.)

And please note the lovely scenery.

Glinda and Elphaba post concert:

We walked right by them! Oh…and Elphaba’s red hair?! Did not see that coming. AND though I didn’t get a picture, Fiyero was standing right next to me… literally right next to me. Ha.

And our favorites? Meaning performances? Well, the girl I nanny’s favorite was hands down, The Lion King. But for me, it was a tossup: Wicked or Rent (which is back?). Both maybe.

After the concert we just couldn’t pass up Bryant Park’s carousal.


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