Birthday Consultant

While this Friday is Bryan’s 26th birthday, it will be but our 1st birthday as a married couple! That’s big, right?! I think so. Accordingly, I felt it imperative to seek birthday planning advice from the number one birthday lover I know… the toddler I nanny. Her birthday is fast approaching, so the topic of birthdays hasn’t been sparse. I knew she’d have some spectacular input.

“You know, it’s my husband’s birthday on Friday. What do you think I should do for his birthday?”
“Well. How old is he turning?”
“26! Wow! That’s a big boy you have there.”
I died of laughter at that comment. Who says that? “He is getting pretty old isn’t he.”
“Yes he is. 26. Goodness. Well, you must have some pizza.”
“Ok. Any particular kind?”
“What do you mean?”
“Any particular toppings?”
“Well. Mozzarella cheese is good. And that red sauce…what’s it called?”
“Tomato sauce?”
“Pizza sauce…?”
“Yes. Pizza sauce. And that’s it.
“Ok. Pizza with pizza sauce and cheese. That’s a great idea.”
Mozzarella cheese.”
“Right, mozzarella cheese. Thank you.”
“And are you having cupcakes or cake? Because you can’t have both.”
“Hmmmm… Good question. What do you think?”
“Well, I prefer cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles.”
“Mmmmm… That sounds good. Is that what you’re going to have for your birthday?”
“Yes. And pizza.”
“And Rachel. Remember, you need to sing the Happy Birthday song.”
“The Happy Birthday song?”
“Yes. With candles.”
“Ah. Candles. Of course. Good idea. Anything else?”
“Well, have you decided where you’re going to have his party.”
“Not yet, no. Any ideas?”
“Um. Well, does he like carousels?”
“I believe so. Yes.”
“Well then, you could have it at Bryant Park at the carousel. That’s where I had my birthday party when I turned 2.”
“Aaaah. Brilliant idea. Did you enjoy that party?”
“Yes I did. But that’s not where I had my birthday.”
“That was just my party. On my real birthday I had high tea in London.”
“Did you now?”
True story too…

How about that advice though? Pizza, cupcakes, and a carousel in the park! What could be better?!

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