ZoBell Grandparent Visit

My Grandma Jane and Grandpa Dean ZoBell were in town this weekend. They have been road tripping about the East Coast and—to our delight—they made a stop in NYC. We were ecstatic for the quality time we were able to spend time with them! They truly are amazing individuals and an equally amazing couple. We had so much fun venturing with them.

The two arrived Friday evening, thus we commenced our fun with a lovely dinner at Bryan’s and my favorite Sambuka (Italian with a fantastic gluten free menu and the site of our first date). It was unbelievably fun to spend time and chat with them for those hours. They are both so intelligent and fantastically witty. And, according to my most wise Grandma, we could not leave without a little dessert. Grandma Jane certainly loves her ice cream; love her for that.

The rest of the weekend we filled with a trip up to the Botanical Gardens. Exquisite! I hardly remembered we were in NYC.

Look at how beautiful!

I loved this tree! Funny right?! Look at those spikes!

We also spent time exploring the MET Museum.

...first dreadlocks?

And we of course took them to the Museum of Natural History.

Then today the Grandparents accompanied us to church. There, we also met up with our good friend, Mike Wallace who was in town briefly. Mike married my amazing friend Missy Johnson…Wallace. They are the most adorable couple! Love them!

The rest of the day we filled with food, chatting, and laughter. My Grandpa even had the brilliant idea of pulling our “kitchen table” aka my desk over for our Sabbath meal.

Do you like how it takes up the entire center of our huge apartment. Oh how we love our lil apartment! Right, and don’t worry, we had the necessary desserts to make the day complete and Grandma happy.

Oh how I love my Grandparents. I am so grateful for wonderful Grandparents. I am so fortunate to know and be close to both my Mom’s and my Dad’s parents. I love them each so much. It was so fun having the ZoBells in town! Thanks for a wonderful weekend! We love you so much!

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