Gossip Girl Spotting

My super rad friend, Bekah Bradway, arrived last night for a quick visit. Oh Bekah. She’s quite fantastic. A BFF for sure! Ha. But really.

Now you see, Bekah and I rather enjoy our midnight movies. We took on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy back in the day, and have likewise been Harry Potter fans at both movie and book 12:01 releases. Consequentially she’s here to experience the last Harry Potter film with me…I'm not even kidding. It’s tradition. It’s necessary. And seeing as she is a flight attendant she was able to fly out here free of charge (which is always nice). But, that—meaning Harry Potter—is tomorrow.

Today. Well, on my way to work, she and I happened upon the set where they were filming Gossip Girl over on the Upper East Side! How cool is that! Ok so I don’t actually watch the show…but it was still fun to see. And seeing as I never see celebrities, I was elated to see Penn Badgley (character Dan Humphres for actual Gossip Girl fans) standing there in a nice tuxedo.

It's the little things in life.

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