Dirty Dishes

Confession: I hate dishes. Period. You see, I despise dirty dishes. But I also entirely loathe cleaning dirty dishes. [Gasp] I know…and all this time you thought I was perfect (jesting).

Solution: Paper plates. I’m kidding. (Though wouldn’t that be nice.)

The real solution: (aside from getting a dish washer) My attitude. Did you hear that? Yes, I said it. My attitude.

Note: It’s not that I hate cleaning. I actually rather enjoy cleaning—even bathrooms. Cleaning for me is therapeutic. In fact, once I start cleaning it’s near impossible to get me to stop. But we’re not talking dishes there… No, no. For me, dishes fall into an entirely different arena. What that arena is, I’m not sure. But it’s one I don’t typically like to enter.

Right. Now, seeing as I rather enjoy food I do use dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I do my best to use as few dishes as possible to prevent the need to clean them. But, sadly, I do tend to use some… Then there they sit. Even in spite of my matchless gift to ignore dirty dishes, they eventually taunt me, mock me, and make my life miserable! Then when I finally break down and do them, it’s rarely with joy.

Anyway, did you see it? Right there: “…make my life miserable!” There’s evidence enough: I need an attitude change. (Oh, I said it again… ) Honestly though, dishes don’t make me miserable. That’s pathetic. Really though!

Now, you may be laughing at this confession (I’m laughing too). Still, dishes are something I struggle with… Meaning I actually needed a lil extra help. Consequentially I went to the Lord in prayer to help me change my dismal attitude, and do you know what He did? He led me to Ann S. Rees' (Education Counselor in the LDS General Relief Society Presidency at the time) address, Being a Wife, and specifically this quote,

“What do dirty dishes have to do with the celestial kingdom? Surely the celestial kingdom will not be filled with dirty dishes. But it will be a place of order. So we scrub floors and do the dishes. These mundane things remain mundane unless we relate them to the great goal that is far away. They have a harmony arid purpose with the celestial kingdom. (“Progress Brings Joy,” ASBYU Women’s Conference, Aug. 1982.)"

Kind of funny no? And yet so perfect. Isn't it wonderful how Heavenly Father is always so willing to teach us and guide us? And isn't it so wonderful how perfectly He knows what we each need, even if it has to do with dirty dishes? He knows us perfectly.

Thus, perspective. That’s what I need. And it’s true. Cleaning dishes will remain mundane and a serious pain, unless I view it in the grand scheme of things. Can’t really argue with celestial glory…  So, perspective. Wish me luck.

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