Central Park Zoo

Ever since that fantastic animated film, Madagascar (the cartoon with the animals that escape from the Central Park Zoo and end up in Madagascar...), I’ve always wanted to visit the Central Park Zoo (and Madagascar…). So I did; I visited the zoo. I went today, in fact, with the little girl I nanny. And, well... no wonder they—the animals—were trying to escape! It’s pathetic! Puny! Like a baby zoo! I’d try to escape too! The polar bear wasn’t even present today! What kind of a zoo doesn’t have its polar bear and main attraction out?! Ok, so it had an animal or two… I recall some birds, seals, penguins, a monkey…but that’s about it. They didn’t even have the movie characters: a lion, hippo, zebra, giraffe (oh right, they escaped…).

My review: if someone else pays then by all means go, appreciate the six animals, then leave within the hour. If, however, you are thinking about paying yourself and you’re not taking a toddler (it’s free for under 3-years-old), don’t. Don’t do it. Save yourself the money and do something else... True, it does provide the perfect attention span for a 2-year-old, but it doesn’t do much for a 25-year-old (and a 25-year-old who is actually quite easily entertained no less). Did I miss the memo that said zoos were only for toddlers? Cause they’re not! At least I don’t think so.

Oh geez, this sounds so complain-y. I really did have fun. And I did see some animals. Not to mention, the little girl I nanny LOVED it! She thought every little animal and bird was fantastic! It’s the perfect spot for a toddler. And you know, birds are cool…I just like my bears.

The end.

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