The Baked Apple

Manhattan is literally cooking! 104 degrees! One hundred and four! Note: with humidity it’s reportedly closer to 115 degrees! Yeah, it’s definitely not cold. What’s it like? Well,

  • It’s thickly steamy.
  • Each breath feels like you’re inhaling polluted fire.
  • Sweat appears to be the newest NY fad…and we’re not talking regular forehead sweat either. No, no. We’re talking you look like you just jumped in a pool sweat! Very sexy.
  • Nearly naked is the other fad. True people have tried this fad before, but never to such extremes… rather scary what some believe constitutes as “clothing” in this heat. Perhaps the heat is clouding their judgment…?
  • The subways and sewers have never smelled so bad. Cursed heat wave!
  • There are dead stinky rats everywhere (heat stroke?).
  • Shock is inevitable when entering/exiting air-conditioned buildings. (As is hypothermia when inside these buildings due to the frigidness of your frozen sweat.)
  • Fire hydrants all over the city have been purposefully opened to provide a nice place to cool down.
  • Red is the new tan.

Love NYC.


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