I’m not typically a sucker for advertisements. I read once that the sole intent of advertising is to make people think they need what they only want. I couldn't agree more. That being said, not two weeks ago I saw an advertisement for something called Yonanas. Yonanas was described to be a kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruits (specifically bananas, but also berries, melon, and if you want chocolate) into a frozen yogurt consistency! Aka, it’s like frozen yogurt but without the sugar and excess calories (unless of course you add chocolate). Seeing as I could return the Yonanas appliance if it turned out to be a hoax or just pathetic, I decided to give it a whirl. Not to mention, I LOVE desserts so I’m always tempted by claims of tasty yet healthy desserts. I mean if it's good and healthy...I can eat more right?
Well, it finally came and though my expectations were minute, I tried it. Thoughts: love. As in I LOVE it! Not kidding! It makes me giddy! All I’ve tried so far is frozen bananas and it is truly divine! It is a banana flavored frozen yogurt...only just bananas! A fantastic dessert! And the best part is I don’t even feel like a fatty after I eat it! Oh the simple things in life.

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