Wedding Day: Program

Our dads started off the dinner program by sharing a few words and their beautiful testimonies on the wonderful blessings that come from being sealed for time and all eternity in the LDS temple. As Mormons, we believe that when we marry we are not only committing to this life but to the life after death, as in forever. When we marry we together promise God that we will dedicate our lives to following Him. As we focus our life on the principles of God, we are then able to obtain the blessings of eternal or everlasting families. We call it a sealing when we marry forever in God's temple. This is what we are celebrating when we marry: the three-way promise between husband, wife, and God to always seek good.

Following their sweet messages, Bryan's sister Annie and their cousins played a most serene piece.

They are amazingly talented!

After the spiritual words and instrumentals, we next enjoyed a fantastic and absolutely hysterical rap written and performed by my dear family: The Price Clan.

None of us could stop laughing! It was brilliant! I love my fam!

Even my brother who is serving mission for the LDS church in Uruguay right now sent a tape recording of his own voice rapping. Thus the head. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.

The Perry Clan followed and likewise brought their A game. Annie started off with a slideshow detailing Bryan's history of superhero traits. They had pictures of him throughout the years. It was fantastic! And so funny!

Then at the climax of her presentation Bryan was presented with a Superman cape. After all, he is Superman.

And then a lovely dance of Single Ladies as Bryan is no longer available. Hahaha!

Next: the amigos. A few "toasts-ish" or words of love. Bry's good friend, Adam Quist, spoke first. A solid guy.

My amazing amiga since elementary/junior high spoke next. She totally got me teary eyed. I adore this girl!

Then Bryan's friend, Graham Anderson, shared some words on Bryan. What a good, sharp kid!

And of course the amazing Bekah Bradway shared some words. I loved that she even shared how we were inspired to try to dress as boys following the film She's The Man just to see if we could pull it off. Yeah, we succeeded. LOVE her!

Then before Bryan and I stood to thank everyone, my beautiful sister, Christina, sang For Good from Wicked accompanied by my wonderful cousin and friend, Laura Lundquist. Christina has such a gorgeous voice! She sang with such poise and passion. This one totally got my eyes spurting. I was/am so proud of her. Love her.

Then Bryan and I stood. We wanted to express our gratitude. And we did. Only, we are so much more grateful than those brief minutes allowed us to convey. We are so much more grateful than any words could express. We are truly so grateful for the support of our families, our relatives, our friends, and our Father in Heaven.  

Thank you!

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Photography by Rebekah Westover

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