Summer Nanny

I have finally begun my summer nanny job and I love it! I kid you not when I say that I nanny the absolute most adorable two-and-a-half-year-old on the globe! Anyone ever seen the old school movie, Savannah Smiles? If not, know that the little girl, Savannah, is beyond to die for cute! Well, the girl I nanny is cuter!

Not to mention, she’s brilliant! Truly brilliant! This little girl has been reading for nearly a year now! And, remember how she’s two? The first thing she ever said to me (back when I interviewed) in her little 2-year-old voice was, “We missed our opportunity to go swimming today because they changed the usual schedule. But that’s ok because now we have a schedule so we can plan better next time.”

And you should hear her vocabulary! Some favorites include excellent, interesting, silly, and coy. Yes, coy! I nearly died when she told me she was being coy! The story: you see, she has great parents who don’t like her eating very many sweets. Still, she desired a certain cookie that was in a bag with a star on it. Knowing she wasn’t supposed to eat sweets she slyly stated, “I’m still hungry.” (We had just eaten lunch.)
“Yeah? Do you want more of your wrap?”
“Do you want some more water?”
“What do you want?”
“Well, I think I want something with a star on it.”
“Something with a star on it…?” I internally died of laughter. Her father had warned me of this act. Too cute!
“You mean carrots?”
“A banana?”
“Hmmmm… Something with a star. I don’t know. What has a star on it.”
“I mean I want a cookie!” she finally said.
“You want a cookie! Why didn’t you say so?”
“[Giggling] I was just being coy. Isn’t that silly. I’m so funny.”

Later that night she was eating some take out her father had purchased for her. As she ate, the funniest expression came over her that made me think she didn’t like the food.
“Do you like it?” I asked.
“I’m not sure.” She paused to think. “It has the most unusually peculiar taste. But I like it.” Keep in mind she is again two! Little voice two! And yet not unlike a little adult! SO cute!

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