Six Month Wedding Anniversary

Happy six months to us! Six months! [Gasp] Time is on the loose! Someone’s gotta get on that and slow it down! I know. I’m as flabbergasted as you. I’m shocked really. That is until I reflect back on how much fun we’ve had, how much we’ve accomplished, and how much we’ve grown individually and together. Suddenly it seems as if we’ve been married forever. In a good way.

Hands down, it’s been the best six months of my life. Good days, better days, bad days, ugly days, sick days, spiritual days, funny days (Geez, I’m beginning to sound like Dr. Seuss. Only I’m being serious!) …all equates to an unbelievably fulfilling and beautiful marriage rich with learning, growth, and increasing oneness, friendship, and love! You couldn’t ask for a better happily ongoing after. I married my best friend, and I’m now married to an even better friend. I married someone I loved, only to find I now love him more. I continue to fall head over heels harder and harder each morning that I wake with him by side. I tell you, I married one solid guy. Definitely a keeper. He is my everything. I couldn’t imagine a life without him, I wouldn’t even want to try. Love him.

Marriage is a fantastic treasure! I love the adventure, excitement, challenge, spiritual nature, and divine plan of marriage. I love hanging out with, working with, and learning with my best friend as we strive to establish a righteous and Heaven bound family. I wouldn’t want to take on this challenge with anyone else. Cheers to happiness, love, and to marriage.

Wait! Don’t think I’m done. No, no. In honor of our six month anniversary I felt it high time to post our wedding pictures. So not to overwhelm with but one grand slam post, I divided them into sections which you can reach by clicking on the following links, or by scrolling down the page.

Wedding Day: Temple here
Wedding Day: Bride and Groom here
Wedding Day: Formals here
Wedding Day: Guests and Dinner here
Wedding Day: Program here
Wedding Day: Cake, Dancing, Bouquet, and Farewell here
Engagement Pictures here
And our story here

Photography by Rebekah Westover

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