I'm a Mormon

I was walking in midtown today when lo and behold, a taxi drove by with an advertisement that read: I’m a Mormon, mormon.org! I was floored! I was still thinking about the ad when not 10 minutes later I spotted another! I’m a Mormon, mormon.org. My heart was immediately overcome with peace, gratitude, and excitement. Even taxis are spreading the word of God now! I kept thinking.

I was still giddy from my discovery of the beautiful ads when I strolled into Times Square. It had been 20, maybe 30 minutes since I passed the first advertisement. Thus, as I walked amidst the throngs of tourists I was even more shocked to discover—right smack in the middle of Times Square—a very LARGE I’m a Mormon, mormon.org billboard! I repeat, a billboard! How cool is that?! It was so beautifully stunning I nearly even got teary eyed.

So, can we just talk about the Mormon exposure as of late! Granted some of it has been ill portrayed, for example Mormons don’t endorse or support The Book of Mormon Broadway hit musical that won multiple awards, or the popular TV show Big Love (Mormons don’t practice polygamy). Still, the Mormon name, followed by the real message of truth is fast spreading! Even to the Big Apple! Not to mention we have two Mormons up for the Republican nomination: Romney and Huntsman. In fact, all of these factors have added up to a fair amount of positive publicity for the Mormon church particularly in New York. And most of those articles have, in fact, been written by those not of the Mormon faith. I’ve read some wonderful and very complimentary articles that convey respect and admiration for the Mormon lifestyle and how we’ve handled the misconceptions from the Broadway and Big Love.

Anyway, all of this gets me unbelievably giddy. I love seeing the scriptures unfold before my eyes as the true word of God seeps into the crevices of all mankind. Sigh. I love the gospel! I love the church. I love this campaign that helps people realize that Mormons are not so abnormal. Mormon.org truly is an amazing resource that is absolutely shedding light on Mormon's true beliefs; I highly recommend it as an accurate resource for anyone who is curious or has questions about the Mormon faith.

(Note: Tragically our camera is currently being repaired, thus I was unable to snap a shot of the billboard. But mark my words, I will be sure to document it before I leave!)

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