Husband's New Job

Today is the husband’s first day at his new job! SO exciting! He will be training here in NYC for the summer, then will work in Salt Lake City come September (thus the move). It’s all so exciting! He really enjoyed his previous job and hated to have to bid farewell to so many amazing people...but he is definitely beyond ecstatic for this new opportunity! We're both thrilled. But his first day! Yay!

Bryan really is such an amazing catch! He is an extremely hard worker, exceptionally bright, driven, ambitious, and always loves to learn, grow, and meet new people! He enjoys facing the necessary uneasiness of challenging and new situations, and revels in the growth that comes from such discomfort. And to top it all off, he is absolutely the nicest guy you’ll ever meet! He’s the total package! I am so lucky to be married to him, as is this new company lucky to have him on board! Good luck husband!

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