Happy Birthday Adam

Today is Adam’s birthday. Who is Adam you might ask? Well, most know her as my sister, Michelle Price. To our family, however, her name is Adam. You see, most in our family are named after someone Biblical. Some are exact, and others are derived from Biblical names. The story: I will never forget the day that my parents went through each of our names telling us meanings and why they named us after certain Biblical characters. Elizabeth, Rachel, Rebekah, Jonathan, Matthew, Sarah, Christina (Christ), Stephanie (Stephen)… Notice they skipped Michelle. Finally, Michelle inquired about her name. Silence. Then, more silence. And alas, we all started to laugh. Mostly it appears our parents liked the name. That's it. Struggling for some Biblical meaning, however, they jestingly stretched Michelle to Michael who is, in fact, Adam. Thus we refer to Michelle as the mortal father of us all: Adam. And we love her for it!

Now, Adam is one phenomenal gal! Not kidding! She is one of the most personable, amiable, and thoughtful people I know. She is open-minded and accepting of everyone, literally everyone. She has an eye for those who would otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten. Adam has a way of making everyone feel like a champ. She is an incredible friend and sister. She loves to serve, as does she live to serve. She further has the most comical sense of humor! And we’re not talking dirty or dumb humor, we’re talking she is hands down one of the wittiest people I know! …not to mention she’s a babe. Summed up, love everything about her! Happy birthday!

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