Hair Rollers

I’ve recently become aware of a new… fad here in Harlem. Rollers. We’re talking hair rollers. Now, people have been wearing rollers for decades so let me be more specific as to what this fresh fad entails.

As I’m sure you know, for most the New York nightlife far outshines the day. Well to enhance the glamour of the nightlife, it seems that it’s become not only normal, but “cool” to wear your rollers all day long in order to assure that your hair is perfect come night. I have seen females in rollers all over the place: grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, getting their nails done, girls are even wearing them to school themselves… basically you name a time and place and they’re wearing their rollers. And I’m not talking the typical one or two women who have something special to prepare for... nearly all women are sporting this "look"!

Perhaps I should start rocking the rollers myself! I could be quite the trend setter when I move back to Utah in September! (Though Bryan claims to have started the trend back when he was an intern here in 2008. Ha.)

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