Green Lantern Date

The husband has been dying to see The Green Lantern (he loves his superhero flicks). And seeing as it was my week to plan date night, I felt somewhat obligated (in a good way) to plan the date around the film. Still, I didn’t want to do just a standard dinner-movie date night. Thus I put on my creative (and oh so cheesy) cap and concocted a Green Lantern date night!

First, I sent him an invite—a cheesy poem complete with this fabulously awesome picture:

Haha! Tell me that's not hysterical!

Then come date night, I provided him with the following:

Official Green Lantern Training Guide
The time has come for you to train
Come sun, come night, come wind or rain
You have ten tasks to complete this night
In order to obtain your hero might
This training is a guide to light your way
So that you’ll be ready to save the day
Each mission will help you gain your lantern power
But only if accomplished by the twelfth hour
So take great heed
To all you read
And make great haste
You’ve no time to waste
In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape your sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware your power... Green Lantern's light!

Though we dressed like civilians as we valiantly took on the ten training tasks, we did slip on our Green Lantern rings. After all, we wouldn't be Green Lanterns without them... Then to the tasks, which were no easy feat. Together, we took on a Green Lantern trivia questionnaire (neither of us were very good at that…perhaps that’s why it was part of training…), completed an online quiz to determine which Green Lantern character we are (Bryan is Alan Scott and I am Kyle Rayner...whoever they are), and accomplished many other challenging missions (including breaking into our apartment when we accidentally locked ourselves out...).

For example, task three read,
Task three is to plan, buy, and prepare a meal
Only green sustenance will give you the strength to make foes kneel

And you should have seen the villains we had to battle in order to attain the green goods. It was a fierce fight. It was even touch and go there for a bit. But alas, we returned to our clandestine hero haven where we made a green and super meal of spinach salad with cucumbers and green grapes, and homemade green mac and cheese! Oh yes, and fresca.

Task nine (which was actually seeing The Green Lantern) read,
Task nine is to observe your colleagues’ technique
Watch and discover how they liberate the meek

Wow. Do we have a lot to live up to! The history of our kind is full of lessons, humility, and of course skill. Geez...

Ok, so I’m not the best poet. Not at all. But I did my best. Ha. Too fun! And the best part is we made it through our training! We not only survived, but we succeeded! We are now certifiably Green Lanterns! If ever you need help fighting off evil, give us a call and we'll do our best to pencil you in.

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