The DREAM Project

In 2008, I spent the summer here:

Yes you're right, that is Heaven. Also known as the Dominican Republic. I spent that summer interning through BYU's Public Health Department as a counselor for 25 coed 10-year-olds at The DREAM Project’s educational camp for disadvantaged and at-risk youth. The summer camp is designed to provide quality education for 8-to 16-year-olds in need of academic support. Most of the children in the program are illiterate and many have previously failed in the public school setting. The summer camp provides students with the opportunity to learn while having fun. Core classes include math, reading, writing, and English and are enhanced by activities in art, athletics, swimming, music and dance, science, health, weekly fieldtrips, and tutoring. Oh, and did I mention they are the world's most adorable kids:


Love my kids! Every day was an adventure! From classes and tutoring, to fieldtrips and swimming, it was a party! And when we (meaning the staff) weren’t in classes we were either at the beach or exploring:

Ninety percent of the time you could bet on finding me with the lovely Madi and Lorena (both are in the previous picture)! Love those gals! They are some of the most fun, witty, adventurous, and loving girls I know! You couldn't ask for better friends!

I loved my time in the DR! I loved the kids! I loved the staff! I loved everything! Well, turns out what a quick and reasonably priced trip to California is to Utah, the Caribbean is to New York. Naturally, we had to take advantage of this before moving back to Utah (don't you hate airfare prices in the "flyover states")... Well, turns out Bryan and I stumbled upon a KILLER deal a few months back and are consequently headed to the DR today! Yay! We will be on the opposite side of the island from when I was there in 2008, but it will be an amazing adventure nonetheless. Here we come beach! Hasta luego! 

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