The Dominican Republic

I mentioned we were vacationing in heaven…aka the DR... well, we’re back! We thought about staying forever but we figured our family and jobs wouldn’t take too well to that… [Sigh]

Oh but we had the most adventurously lovely time! We played on the beach, explored on the beach, were buried on (well, technically in) the beach, read on the beach, got sunburned on the beach, drank “cocoa loco” (pina colada…virgin) on the beach, dined on the beach, played in the rain on the beach, chatted on the beach, stargazed on the beach…. We kayaked, swam with the fishies, jumped waves, body surfed, saw two amazing shows (One of which was a lip sync version of Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert with dancing and all…I’m being entirely serious!), did a little archery (?), hung out with locales and Europeans (The DR is a huge European tourist destination thus almost no one spoke any English, though everyone spoke Spanish! Loved it!) and enjoyed our getaway on the dreamy Republica Dominicana. Love "la fiesta vida" as they constantly said. 

It was a relaxing vacation. And a wonderful vacation at that. It was 75 percent sunny, 20 percent rainy, and 5 percent tropical torrential downpour. Sunny with intermittently thin overcast by day, and occasionally wet by night. It was perfect! It was sunny and warm at all the right times, and seemed only to rain when we were inside. The rain, additionally had a much appreciated cooling effect that prevented the temperature from getting too blistering hot. We couldn’t have asked for better weather!

That being said, at two points I think the clouds literally opened and dumped their guts out! More rain was coming down than in a shower! It was as though angels were emptying all the waters of the skies by the bucketful. The first time this occurred was late Saturday evening. The storm hit just as we were finishing dinner. The timing was perfect! And naturally we couldn’t let such a rain go to waste. Consequently, we ran out in the night’s torrential downpour to enjoy a “little” rain. It was brilliantly fun! The locals thought we were crazy—laughing and pointing at us all the way—but we enjoyed ourselves! And we got absolutely drenched! As in, it appeared as though we had jumped into the ocean fully clothed! Loved it!

The second time it torrentially rained was our last night. We were just packing up from our day at the beach when we noted the winds beginning to pick up. Looking out we spotted an ominously dark cloud that spanned the width of the horizon. Seeing as the winds were undoubtedly summoning this tempest toward us, we opted to watch it’s arrival for a bit. It was an exhilarating experience. In no time, every boat on the water had turned toward land in a desperate race to outrun the clouds. The motorboats on the water won. The sailboats weren’t so fortunate. Every sailboat eventually had to lower their sails and very soon vanished behind a wall of heavy rain. I did feel rather sorry for them, though I was grateful to be on land myself. As the storm neared the dark wall of rain seemed to thicken; instead of clouds and precipitation it began to resemble cement. The winds, too, continued to pick up and although our white beach was still illuminated with sunlight the masses quickly began to flee. Bryan and I stayed put. I was surprised how quickly the clouds rolled across the sky. The wall approached, faster and faster and darker and darker. The waves picked up and thick raindrops began to fall. And then, the wall. Within ten minutes of spotting the storm, the wall hit the shore. Rain fell by the inches in a matter of minutes! We soaked in a little and then ran for cover in order to watch the storm in its entirety (not to mention that much rain hurts)! It was a phenomenal site! I love the DR!

One more story. And a rather funny story. Rewind to pre-trip. Setting: JFK Airport. Waiting for our plane in NYC Bryan and I were playing our usual game of “Mormon spotting”. In no time I spotted a suspicious pair. They appeared to be a married couple, young, and unusually smiley. The woman had dyed blonde hair, a modest bright turquoise shirt and capris, and a beaming smile. The male had a bright polo shirt, khaki shorts, had an even bigger grin than the female, and was beyond bouncy with travel excitement. They screamed Mormon.

Just then we had to board the plane, however, so we were not able to pursue our lead. How would we ever know? Funny enough, three and a half hours later we exited the Santo Domingo airport to discover the potential Mormons! And what’s more, they were staying at our same hotel! Perfect! Then the conversation. First, the protocol name exchange. And then, “Where are you from?”

“Well, I’m in dental school in NY but I’m originally from Idaho,” the young man answered. Honestly, dental school! Idaho! My confidence in our speculation increased.

The conversation continued. Eventually I asked if he spoke Spanish… after all they speak Spanish in the DR. And if he did I could then inquire where he learned it in hopes of discovering that he had served an LDS mission …

“Yes,” he replied. “I learned Spanish serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Washington D.C.” It took everything in us not to burst out laughing! Not because he served a mission, but because we were spot on! Funny enough, I don’t think he suspected us…not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Ok, it’s probably neither. Still, we got a kick out of it!

And that’s our trip folks. We were sad to leave...

But we did have a fantastic time! Very different from my last DR adventure, but equally as wonderful! Love LOVE the DR!

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