The Belmont Stakes

Today, Bryan and I had ourselves a classy day out at the horse tracks for the Belmont Stakes. It was exhilaratingly brilliant! The formal dress code read “Elegant Attire is a Tradition at Belmont Park. Ladies and Gentlemen who Honor this Tradition are Always Appreciated.” Thus, we dressed accordingly. Bryan dashingly sported white pants, a button up, and a jacket with some rather stylish boat shoes (Bryan loves his boat shoes.). As for me, I selected a fashionable black dress (my bridesmaid dress actually… yes I got one too!), nude heeled sandals, and my most glamorous hat.

The atmosphere of elegance was both enchanting and comical. I loved the hats, bow ties, gloves, dresses, suits… it was all magnificent. The refined assortment of apparel was rather refreshing compared to the everyday garb we so often see and wear. 

That being said, the other half of the horse race culture was of course dedicated to beer and gambling. It was mesmerizing. The 13 races of the day were each spaced by 30 to 45 minutes. Thus the pattern: first, you observe the race from your seat; next, you head inside to research the next lineup and place your bet; then, you return to the stands to observe the next race and see how your bet played out; and then you do it all again. Bryan and I did not bet ourselves, however we found the horse race customs fascinating. Then the alcohol. There was lots of alcohol. Honestly, I think the alcohol is what keeps people betting… Though I'm told they stop selling it about two hours before the event ends so to prevent drunk driving...?

Still, I love horse races! The horses move with such strength and speed. It's phenomenal!

What a lovely day. I loved the adrenalin and the excitement that accompanied each race! I loved the air of sophistication and the charm of elegance. It's too bad we don't dress that formally more often... perhaps I will.     

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