Barack Obama

The little girl I nanny and I decided to go for a late afternoon stroll today. We’d had a busy day at the MET museum, so we figured a casual walk would be a nice relaxing way to end the day. We exited her apartment expecting the normal New York scene. In no time, however, we discovered an empty street, road blocks, and many police officers, cars, motorcycles, and even a helicopter... Naturally we were intrigued.

“What’s going on?” I asked a nearby officer.
“The President’s coming through this way in just a minute,” he replied.
“You mean Barack Obama?” The two-year-old I held inquired.
Both the officer and I were equally shocked by her knowledge. “Yes. Obama,” he said smirking.
“Not Obama silly,” she stated. “Barack Obama.”
“My bad,” he said laughing. “Barack Obama.”
“Will we get to see him?” She asked. I love how she has adult conversations and yet is two!
“If you wait here just a few more minutes you just might.”

The little girl was elated. And talk about the best two-year-old (AND twenty-five-year-old) entertainment! Scores of motorcycles kept driving by, police cars with their flashing lights, and the helicopter was of course a hit! It was like a parade! I think this little girl was in heaven!

And then the President! Alas a large assembly of cars and such swiftly drove by and there we saw him, President Barack Obama, waving at us.

“Barrack Obama waved at me!” the little girl squealed with glee!
“He did,” I replied. I was equally as excited. Oh the simple things in life. Ha.

What an exhilarating stroll. Just another day in New York City. Right?

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