Parent Visit: Work Hard, Play Hard

Thanks to graduation, my immaculate parents have been in town (Tuesday evening through Sunday afternoon)! My parents are the hardest workers I’ve ever met. Likewise, they are the hardest players! They love to play! They live to work hard and play hard all the time! So graudate school: work hard. And post graduation and pre job: play hard! Thus we have been having an absolute ball! We’ve been playing so hard, in fact, that I’ve hardly had time to journal (aka blog). I will tell our tale primarily through pictures. Lots of pictures. Let’s see…

Graduation, Pompeii, dinner, etc. See here.

We started the day playing in Central Park!

It was perfect weather too! Warm and sunny! So warm, in fact, that every turtle in NYC came out to soak up some rays! We spotted these little turtles on a rock.

My dad thought it would be fun to get a bit closer for a better look... only he may have ended up accidentally hitting the rock and scaring most of them away. Oops.

We felt bad. And yet it was rather comical! Don’t worry, we saw others:

I love boat rides in Central Park!

Aren't my parents SO cute?!

After Central Park, we thought we'd check out my favorite Dylan's Candy Bar!

Next, we explored the MET. Bryan’s brother, Jeff, joined us for our adventuring as well! (Jeff is doing a internship out here this summer.) Always fun to hang out with family! We went all over the MET too: Egypt, Knights and Armory, Asian Arts, Mediterranean Art, Mesopotamian Art, early 1900 art, and more…

 And after the MET we headed down to Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man for some wonderful dinner and my favorite hot cocoa in…a hug mug!

From dinner we walked through Union Square where we came across some awesome chalk art!

We then journeyed all the way back up to Harlem for some good old bowling at Harlem Lanes. They changed their rules since the last time we went, however. Current rules:

It was a blast!

And aside from hanging out with Jeff, my parents, and the husband do you want to know what the best part was? I beat Bryan! Yes. Me. This doesn't happen all that often...

I’m most proud.

My Pops had to run an errand for his work, thus my mom and I took some more graduation pictures at Columbia. You can see them here. I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since my mom and I advenutred NYC! Two years ago she helped me move out here! I can't believe how much has happened since!

We then visited St. John’s Cathedral.

Eventually, we met my pops for lunch at Pink Berry! Delicious! I LOVE Pink Berry! Half chocolate, half pomegranate with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries on top. Yum!

We then spent the afternoon at the Guggenheim. First, the architecture is phenomenal! Truly phenomenal!

Then the exhibit was marvelous! Some of it was truly beautiful: Monet and Van Gogh. And some of it was truly comical! My dad’s face was perhaps my favorite part of the entire museum. There were a few pieces that I knew were contemporary before seeing them, simply by my dad’s face. He looked half amused and half bewildered. One special exhibit was literally $100,000 in one dollar bills “artfully” pinned to the wall. My Dad couldn’t stop laughing! You might say we're still learning to appreciate contemporary art.

From the Guggenheim we headed all the way down to Tribeca for some dinner. But first, we detoured by the World Trade Center. They have made a great deal of progress on the 9/11 Memorial! This is the picture of what they're building:

And this is the actual building to date:

You know, 9/11 seems like yesterday and yet nearly a decade ago at the same time.

Then dinner. And a memorable dinner. We went to The Ninja. Bryan recently heard of it from a friend at work. A-MAZING!

It’s a Japanese restaurant set in ninja caves! Aka you arrive and they take you through the ninja trail down into the ninja caves! And everyone who works there is dressed like a ninja! There was ninja yelling, ninja swords, ninja food preparation (displays of chopping, fire, etc), and ninja everything…! Not to mention, random ninjas constantly jumped out and ninja yelled at us! I screamed...a few times. It was hysterical! Oh right, and the food was wonderful too! The menus were scrolls:

This was our ninja waiter...and Jeff:

Ninja food display (it's smoking!):

We all decided we wanted to become ninjas too! Especially Bryan and Jeff:

Definitely another favorite restaurant!
(Ps: The toilet seats were heated! As in warm! It was awkward.)

After dinner…Times Square and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!

Power! Intensity! Emotions! Beauty! Phantom of the Opera is truly a masterpiece!
Temple! (I forgot my camera.) It was so fun going with not only the husband, but Jeff and my parents too! To feel so near the peace and love of Heaven with family is truly remarkable. I am so grateful to know that I can be with my family forever--in this life and after death--thanks to God's Plan of Happiness.

After the Temple, we visited Pink Berry (again) for lunch. And then we headed up to the Cloisters! I’ve wanted to go to the Cloisters from day one in NYC. Over and over, I was told “go in the Spring”. Well, it’s Spring. And what a delight! This place is not given enough credit or publicity! It’s an oasis of gardens and real European churches that have been pieced together to create a museum! It may very well be my new favorite museum!

(A mandrake! Like Harry Potter?)

It was so magically serene I nearly forgot we were in NY! It felt like we were in another country even! 

We ventured to my favorite Stardust Diner for dinner! Singing waiters anyone? I will never tire of that fantastic restaurant!

After we played in Times Square and the M and M Store!

And then, to Wicked. My parents hadn’t seen it in years and I never argue with seeing Wicked! It is and perhaps will always be my favorite musical! I was in heaven! I am still in heaven! If I had to watch one musical for the rest of my life it would be Wicked! It's witty, beautiful, happy, sad, and just perfect! We even had a new Glinda, which was fun! Loved it! I constantly had the chills! I even shed tears from the mere power of the music! LOVED it!

After the play we again wandered through Times Square! We performer hopped too: we watched a man quickly spray paint NY skylines, dancers, and our favorite Beatles cover band down in the 42nd Street Subway!

There were some hysterical ladies getting crazy on the dance floor too! Bryan and Jeff couldn’t resist!

(Do you see them dancing over there?! Bry is in a black shirt and Jeff is in a blue shirt!)

The parents joined Bryan and me for stake conference (church) this morning from 10 to 12. Interestingly enough, it was broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a beautiful broadcast. Elder Nelson and Elder Eyring spoke, as did Sister Dibb. It is truly amazing to see just how much God loves all of his children whether in Utah or New England. The Lord loves us all.

Sadly, church ended all too quickly. Just minutes after the service ended, we had to bid farewell to my amazingly wonderful parents, as they had to catch their plane! It was SO fun having them in town! And it was SO much fun playing! I have the most remarkable, kind, witty, fun, and selfless parents! I love them SO much! Thank you! Thank you for the fun! (And rumor has it they are alas at home after having to land in Idaho due to dangerous landing weather in Utah.) 

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