Mamma Mia

Yesterday morning, the husband asked me to meet him in Times Square at 6:40pm stating that it had been a while since we played around that area. At 5:00pm I received the following text:

"Chica, knowing of our propensity to be 'fashionably' on time. I'll be waiting by the red stairs in Times Square at 6:40. I assume that means you'll have to leave at 6:15."

Now, what he really meant by that was, "Because you're always late, I'm reminding you now to leave on time." I nearly died of laughter. He knows me all too well!

Just to show him that I can be on time, I arrived a whole ten minutes early! And good thing I did, seeing as he surprised me with an early birthday present: Mamma Mia tickets! Yay!

I LOVE musicals! I LOVE singing! I honestly can’t recall a musical I haven't cried in. The pure power of actors' voices gets me all choked up. I get goose bumps and tingly just thinking about it! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say again: in the next life I’m going to be on Broadway!

Thanks husband! Loved it! I’m going to be singing ABBA for the next month!

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