Bekah, Jane Visit: Spontaneous New York

Today was a fantastic and most spontaneous adventure! What I mean is, we (if you remember Bekah and Jane are in town) left this morning with one plan and ended up doing an entirely different plan! And we LOVED it! The plan: rush tickets to Spiderman on Broadway, return to the apartment to get ready for the day, walk around my neighborhood and school aka Upper West Side and Columbia, explore and appreciate Central Park, venture to a museum, eat some din din, then hopefully attend a Broadway.

Thus we left the apartment early and headed down to attempt to attain some rush tickets. On time, we exited the subway and were walking through Times Square when we happened upon this adorable bench.

Don't ask why, but we really loved this bench! As we left this cute bench, we were spotted by some solicitors. “Where you from?” they asked.
“Would you like to attend the Wendy Williams show for free?” they inquired.

Unfamiliar with the Wendy Williams show, we nearly missed out. The two gentlemen, however, explained that she is a talk show host and they had free tickets to the taping. Now, Bekah, Jane, and I have desperately wanted to attend a TV show taping, thus we were highly intrigued. Still, we wanted to ensure the content was…appropriate.

“What topics and such does she usually touch upon?” I asked.
“Celebrity gossip, the juicy stuff…” they replied.
“Is it pretty clean?”
“What do you mean?” they questioned.
“Well, we’re pretty Christian girls and like family friendly sort of stuff. Like, is it appropriate?”
“Girl!” they exclaimed, “This is daytime TV! What kinds of things are you imagining? There aren’t going to be any strippers or anything if that’s what you mean.”
I definitely hadn’t imagined strippers…but I suppose that was good to know.

“So you guys are Mormons?” they asked.
However did they know…

Alas we conversed enough to feel comfortable with the show’s content (not to mention Andy Sandberg and Al Roker were the guests), thus we accepted the three free tickets. It was nearly time to be seated, however, so they then paid for us to ride in a cab over to the studio. Brillliant. On the way to the cab, Jane was dancing with excitement. Our new friend who gave us tickets quickly commented, “Um. You can’t walk like that if you are going to come with me.” Too funny!

Once at the studio, we discovered our comical friend was actually the audience entertainer. Thus, when we arrived he assured that we were treated well. Having arrived last, we were in the back of the line. Before allowing the audience to take their seats however, they called out for “the three Utah girls” to come to the front. That was us. Ha. We were far from seated last.

Then the show. Oh Wendy Williams. The entire morning we spent clapping, screaming, dancing, and looking shocked, excited, and interested all on queue. My face literally hurt from the required smiling! It was hysterical! Not to mention the diverse and exciting crowd all dressed to the nines (we looked like scrubs as we never really got ready for the day). Favorites included a pregnant woman who got up dancing and busted out the splits (not to mention she was going so crazy I got nervous her baby was going to pop out), a large gentleman who giddily bobbed his head the entire show, the prom dresses, many men in glitter, the Oakridge Brothers, and Utah (meaning us)! It was marvelous!

This is one of the guys we met in Times Square, Kevin...the audience entertainer.

This is the other friend we met in Times Square, Dracen.
He was very thoughtful as he frequently checked in with us to genuinely make sure we felt comfortable with the content of the show. 

Of the actual show: I was relieved that most of it was, in fact, clean. We've since learned we got lucky as can often get racy. Thus, I can’t say I’ll be watching her show much. Still, it was a phenomenal and most hysterical experience. And did I mention we got to see Andy Sandberg! (If only we could take pictures.) Bekah was in heaven! I’m telling you, the two are meant for each other.

We left the show at one—before which they fed us lunch! Free lunch and free show! And guess what else! Following the show we still got rush tickets to Broadway's Sister Act!

All afternoon we then spent venturing around the Museum of Natural History! Again, so much fun! We covered serious ground as we were there until 5pm! We found Dum Dum (Night at the Museum):

Don't ask...

And look at the view:

After the museum, we returned to my apartment for some din din, a quick nap, then back downtown for Sister Act.

Quick story: we agreed to meet Bryan at 6:30 for the 7:00pm show. Well, we woke from our nap at 6:20. Then the subway had some issues, so everyone had to find other transportation. Our solution: run. Not kidding. And I'm pretty sure my shoes fell off at least three times! Time of arrival: 6:58! We were hot and sweaty and so proud of our timing!

My Sister Act review: SPECTACULAR! There was SO much energy! And they had some of the most phenomenal voices! Not to mention it was beyond witty! My stomach still hurts from laughter! Jane commented, "I've never seen so much glitter on a stage at one time!" The nuns were literally covered in glam! In the final scene they even had a disco ball-like statue of Mary. Here's a fabulous little clip:

(Note: For anyone going to see it please note I would rate this pg-13 if it were a movie as some parts were not quite kid friendly.)

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