Rachel’s Gluten Free Black Bean and Chicken Soup

A couple months back I purchased a carton of Pacific Natural Foods’ gluten free Spicy Black Bean Soup for food storage. Well, last night I thought I’d give it a try. Sounds good no?

Now, Black Bean Soup… I used to have a roommate who made the most divine Black Bean Soup. It was full of black beans (duh), diced onions, tomato, etc. It had a stew-like texture. Basically, it was a glorious mess of spicy, fibrous, chunky, and hearty goodness. Again, let me stress that she called it Black Bean Soup. I don’t know what you think of when you think of “Black Bean Soup”, but that’s what I think of.

Right, so I opened this carton of soup and poured it into a pot to heat. I was shocked. No, I was repulsed for out of this carton drooled something that looked like a combination of chocolate frosting throw up and baby food! As in, it appeared as though someone ate chocolate frosting and then vomited into my dear pot! It was puréed and runny, but thick runny...like porridge-thick runny! I tasted it. It tasted…fine. But the texture…the look. I couldn’t handle it! I refused to eat it! And I was too proud to let Bryan eat that barf doppelganger either! You see, he’s so nice he would actually eat it! And gratefully mind you, never admitting how terrible it really was! Still, I didn’t want to waste this “soup”. Thus I started inventing what I now call, “Rachel’s Gluten Free Black Bean and Chicken Soup”.

Now I'm no Rachel Ray, but I have to say it turned out looking and tasting pretty good! Ok, really good! As in so good I thought it worth sharing! Essentially I opened my cupboards and added anything and everything that sounded good… or at least better than the current vomit soup. And seeing as I kept adding more and more to make the perfect concoction…I ended up making a lot. We're talking a lot, a lot. Really what I'm saying is you may have to half, third, fourth, even eighth the recipe... Luckily soup freezes thus making for quick future meals!

32 fl oz carton of Pacific Natural Foods’ Gluten Free Spicy Black Bean Soup.
Two cans black beans (drain)
Two cans kidney beans (don’t drain)
One large can diced tomatoes
Finely chopped onions to taste
Gluten free taco seasoning to taste
Chili powder to taste
Three large boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Tortilla chips

(I didn’t add corn, but I bet it would be even better with one or two cans of corn)

Combine soup, canned items, and onions in pot. Simmer. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces, and cook in separate skillet. Add chicken to soup. Add seasoning to taste. Simmer. Serve with tortilla chips (might be good with cheese too). Serves probably 100 people. Ok, maybe not that many. But it feeds a lot. I'd estimate at least 10 to 15. 

And there you have it: Rachel’s Gluten Free Black Bean and Chicken Soup. Easy, fast, and tasty.

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