Bekah, Jane Visit: NYC Play Date

Rumor had it that it was supposed to be wet and cold today. That rumor was wrong. Instead, it was perfect! Overcast and breezy but perfect. We spent the morning walking through Morningside Park and along the piers that look our over the Hudson.

It was truly serene. Well…except for when we were yelled at by a biker. This is funny. On our lovely little stroll, we happened upon a bike trail crosswalk. A biker was fast approaching, thus we waited before crossing the bike trail crosswalk…you could say we were trying to be nice. Well, this grandma biker started to slow down and then she roughly started yelling “Go! Go! Go!” Then once we began to cross she continued yelling, “GO! GO! GO!” Her voice was shrill and evil! In fact, it was so rude that it was shockingly funny! Once she went on her way, all three of us burst out laughing. Well…four of us! Cause a random stranger who also witnessed this biker’s behavior found it comical too! We think grandma biker was having a bad day…

Next stop: Pink Berry for lunch! Yum!

Then back through our favorite Central Park!

The park was full of people and the pond full of boats. It was then we began to wonder just how much a boat would cost. $50 a boat we guessed? $25 a person? I mean, this is New York City. Still, with hope we went to look half expecting to laugh at the exuberant cost. We read, $12 a boat. What! We were shocked. $12 a BOAT for one hour! Not per person…per boat! Sold. We paddled all over that pond singing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song and “Kiss the Girl” from the Little Mermaid whenever we passed couples!

We went through trees.

We ventured under bridges.

And somehow we never even crashed…into other boats. There was one bridge we may have hit…

And we did venture through unchartered waters that turned out to be too shallow for our boat.

We may have even gotten stuck there… The water was perhaps six inches deep.

People on other boats called out asking if we required help. We stubbornly declined and resorted to other methods of "paddling".

Eventually we returned to open waters!

It was hysterical! Somehow none of us were shocked that we got stuck. What a spectacular hour!

After the boat, we headed over to the MET Museum.

There, we visited Egypt.

We selected our preferred armor.

And of course, we appreciated the rooftop view where Bekah and Jane quickly learned not to stand on a bench… The worker was quite adamant! And had the coolest accent!

And don't forget Van Gogh, Monet, and more…

Evening: after losing the Wicked lottery we headed to the Stardust Diner! I first discovered this restaurant when my dad came into town last October! The waiters are all aspiring to be on Broadway and consequently sing! My kind of diner! Burgers, fries, shakes, singing…

Oh right, and it was Bekah’s "birthday"!

The rest of the night we made Times Square our playground! Let’s see, we played throughout the Hershey’s and M and M stores where we learned our M and M color...Bekah is yellow.

I am electric green.

And Jane is white.

We people watched, and tried to recast the Harry Potter movies. It was hysterical trying to find the character look alike of Voldemort, Snape, Umbridge, and the like.

Alas, to Sephora where we gave ourselves makeovers. Instead of just giving ourselves everyday or "normal" makeovers, however, we opted to try something a little more unique. Our goal: evil fairy makeovers. It was brilliant!

..everyone thought Bekah worked there! She really could a makeup artist!

…walking back through Times Square with that makeup on was most comical too as suddenly everyone wanted our picture.

Too fun!

We street/subway performer hopped for a bit too, dancing all the while.

Then we decided to pretend to be subway performers ourselves serenading people with Aint No Mountain High. Love NYC.

And alas, went home to sleep.

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