My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day I want to brag a little about my phenomenal mother. My Mom is an amazing daughter, sister, wife, friend, and of course mother! She has nine wonderful (I’m wonderful right…?) children and does an extraordinary job at mothering! She is the smartest woman I know, and the wisest! She is resourceful, creative, energetic, witty, and unbelievably fun! All the same while, she is the most caring, humble, loving, selfless, and nurturing individual. My mother loves the gospel, and continuously shares it through her every mannerism. She is a great teacher. She is the finest example! She is a best friend! And she is an exquisite mother!

As you can see, there are many things that make my mother so wonderful. Really. I could write an entire dissertation on how amazing my mother is. For now, however, I want to touch on two things that have been particularly impactful to me: her positive attitude and her willingness to make time for everyone.

With my mom, the glass is always half full. She is always looking on the positive side of things. Growing up, my mother often proclaimed days as “Spill Days”. What I mean is, with so many little people running around all the time, spills and broken glasses were regular occurrences. And isn’t spilling or breaking something accidentally the worst? The actual spill or shards of glass make you feel klutzy enough, then add someone shouting at you for your mistake and you have yourself sheer embarrassment. Well, not at my house. When someone spilled or accidentally broke something, my mom would excitedly ring out, “Spill Day!” Then she would help you clean it up saying, “Accidents happen.” Obviously she didn’t encourage us to break things, but she taught us to look at the positives.

Later, in my early years of driving, my mom’s positive attitude prevailed. I wasn’t what you would call a…good driver. In my 16th year I certainly hit my fair share of cars and signs. And you know, whenever I hit something I felt pretty dumb. Then there was the inevitable phone call home. Normally when I call my house to ask something, I ask for my mom. Don’t ask why…I just do. Perhaps it's cause she's home more. Whenever I hit something, however, I would always ask for my father.

“Hello,” my mom would answer.
“Hi Mom,” I would say nervously. “Can I…talk to Dad?”
“Of course. How bad is it?” she’d cheerily ask.
“You’re ok though?”
“Yes,” I’d shamefully reply.
“Wonderful! Cars we can replace. People…that’s a little bit harder. I’m glad you’re ok. I’ll go get Dad.”

Tell me you don’t love her attitude! Don’t get me wrong, my parents taught us to take care of our belongings and take responsibility for our actions and mistakes. But her attitude always let me know that I was more important to her than any worldly thing or item.

My mom is phenomenal at always finding time for each of us. This she has shown and continues to show in a thousand different ways.
  • She’ll always make time to read to you. Every night in my youth, my mother read to us. I remember her reading Stuart Little, the Little House series, The Chronicles of Narnia, our favorite Where the Red Fern Grows, Summer of the Monkeys, and so many more. I love being read to! And I still love being read to! I still remember my mom reading the story of Shakleton to me senior year of high school while at the cabin. Even now, my mom frequently reads to my older sister, Liz, who has a mental disability that prevents her from being able to read. My sister loves it. We all love it.
  • My mother also does an exquisite job at spending time with my older sister, Liz, who I mentioned above. She takes her to museums, the zoo, and on errands. Although taking Liz doubles the time of any errand, my mother values her time with each of us exponentially more than any inconvenience. My mother is also so patient as she attend countless doctor appointments with Liz. My mother is a saint.
  • She was/is adamant on being home when everyone gets home from school.
  • She’ll never go to bed until you’re home. After high school dances, I was so appreciative that she was awake and excited to hear about the evening’s festivities even at two o’clock in the morning. Even in college, if I called to let her know I was driving in late that night she would always be up, waiting to greet me.
  • She’ll make time to help you whether at 6:30am at the piano, or 11:59pm editing a graduate school paper...
  • She takes the time to drive a million carpools to a million different activities. And she doesn’t complain! It can’t have been her favorite thing, to spend hours playing chauffeur, but her willingness to drive us made me feel like she wanted to spend time with me whenever there was time.
  • In addition to driving carpools, my mother attends every sporting event and every dance or music performance possible! Whether rain or shine (or snow, sleet, hail, etc). She’s even been known to attend the same music/dance performances every night of the run just to show her love and support for us.
  • She takes the time to plan family activities so we can all spend time together. Museums, hiking, swimming, crafts from Michaels, feeding ducks, playing at the park, the zoo, scenic drives, cooking parties… the list truly goes on and on…
  • And no matter where we live, she always finds time to talk with us in person or on the phone, and she always sends us weekly emails! Her enthusiasm about making time for us definitely makes me feel loved. I love her so much!
One of my favorite quotes reads, “A mother’s unqualified love approaches Christlike love.” (see Ezra Taft Benson, Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1990, pp. 32–36).”

My mother’s love does just that. My mother’s love is patient, pure, and unfailing. I feel so blessed and honored to have her as my mother. I love her so very much! I hope one day I can be even just a smidgen like her.

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