May Day

Happy May Day! And a gorgeous May Day here in NYC too! It is that perfect temperature time of year: “cause it's not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket” (Ms. Congeniality). Really though! It’s that time of year when you keep your windows open all the time just because you can! It’s that time of year when you still appreciate the newness of waking to the beautiful sound of birds chirping (…in a month or two I’ll wish I had a shot gun)! It’s that time of year when everyone picks up their exercise routine a little bit thanks to increased vitamin d from the sun (…that and they start to get nervous for "swimsuit season" as we've all put on a few extra layers to withstand the cold winter). It's that time for walks, bike rides, picnics, frisbee...

Sigh.  I love May! All around flowers are blooming! The world is reawakening.

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