Happy Birthday Tina

Today is my sweet sista Christina’s birthday! She’s OLD! We’re talking 15-years-OLD! And pretty much she’s amazing!

Isn't she a babe?! In honor of her birthday I will now list 15 things I admire about this exquisite gal (though I really could list hundreds...thousands...and more).
  1. Her laugh! Every time we chat I insist she laugh! And she does! So then I laugh!
  2. Her GORGEOUS voice! The whole time she sang at my wedding I had the goose bumps!
  3. Her hair! I want it! The color. The thickness. The everything…!
  4. Her sense of humor. She’s funny! Like hilarious funny! We’re not talking dumb funny! We’re talking witty funny! “Poly want a cracker?” “Abinidai.”
  5. Her maturity! …yet still so fun! (that one is from Bryan)
  6. Her drop dead sexy smile! She’s a babe!
  7. Her knack for volleyball! She’s a born athlete.
  8. Her attitude! She’s the most optimistic, positive, and upbeat person!
  9. Her nurturing. If you feel sad, sick, frustrated, angry and mom isn’t around…go to Tina! She’ll take care of you and make you feel all better!
  10. Her new cake decorating hobby. She and my sister Sarah have become exquisite cake decorators! How cool is that! …and they’re good too!
  11. And one from Bryan, “She’s loyal. When I first met her in D.C. she assisted me in throwing Stephanie and Rachel in the pool after they pushed me in.”
  12. Her dancing! She’s graceful!
  13. Her kindness and selflessness! She is probably the nicest and most empathetic person I know. She makes everyone feel so loved, whether a stranger or friend. She really watches out for everyone and always goes the extra mile to make others happy. She always finds time for everyone!
  14. Her sense of adventure. She’s not afraid to try anything!
  15. Her “The wave!”

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