Happy Birthday Sar!

My sweet sister, Sarah, turns 17 today! 17 was my favorite number…until I turned 18. Now my favorite number is technically undecided. Still, 17 is a great year: old enough to be “independent” but young enough to get away with being irresponsible every once in awhile. I’m being serious! Ha.

Now. Sarah is pretty much fantastic! She has always been such a wonderful friend! One might call us "buds". In honor of her birthday, I have to tell you one of my favorite memories: our “I love you more” fights. Growing up we used to have these fights frequently.

“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“I love you most.”
“I love you mostest.”
“I love you more than mostest...”

You get the gist. We would go on forever! Eventually we had to come up with an "equal" or "tie" “I love you” if only to get some rest at night. Thus every time we said and still say goodbye, goodnight, etc, we each have a routine “I love you” speech that we rattle off at the same time. Then together we count, “1…2…3…I love you the mostest. Muah.”

Well Sarah…I love you the MOST MOSTEST MOSTEST x infinity more chocolate ice creams, chocolate frosties, AND milk dove chocolates than YOU! Beat that!

…oh, and happy birthday!

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