CUSSW Graduation

On the way to graduation...

Eleanor and was one of my first CUSSW friends!
Then we both got engaged last spring and both were married in December!

Lining up...

Sadie was also one of my first CUSSW friends! Love her:

The ceremony...


The ceremony was held at Beacon Theater which was gorgeous!

Post ceremony friend shots on the way to find my fam...

After wading through hundreds of graduates and family members I alas found my own fantastic family!

(ps: 80 percent chance of rain and 100 percent raining)

So I guess I'm official. I'm graduated. A Master even. At last!

First day (2009):

Last day (2011):

Yeah, I feel good about it. Ha. Following the ceremony, my parents, Bryan, and I visited the Pompeii Exhibit in Times Square (My family and I love history! Especially ancient history! Once upon a time I wanted to be an archaeologist...). Phenomenal! I was floored at how much of the city was preserved. People, food, pets, lives, frescos, statues, tables, houses...all were frozen in time!

We ended the night with a marvelous graduation dinner at my favorite gluten free family style restaurant: Sambuca! Delicious! They even have gluten free chocolate truffle cake! And with fabulous company! My parents and husband are truly top notch. They amaze me with their wisdom, wit, and love! Thank you for your support and love! You each played such an integral role in my studies! Thank you!

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