Bekah, Jane Visit: The Brooklyn Bridge

You know, it’s been fun playing tourist here! A vacation in my own backyard! And we have been playing hard! Not too hard…but hard. Hard in the sense that our feet are sore, our calves our tight, and we slip into an undisturbed sleep the moment our head hits our pillows each night. It’s wonderful really! We just keep stumbling upon adventure! We can’t help it!

That being said, we all warmly welcomed the serenity of the Sabbath. Morning, we spent attending church services. As Bryan and I are primary teachers, we invited Bekah and Jane to attend our five-year-old class. The topic: prayer. Bekah and Jane each sweetly shared personal stories of prayer with the wide eyed children. Those girls are so good with kids! I was, and am, so impressed! If only they could attend every week! Following Bekah’s and Jane’s stories, each child shared their own stories. One of the most comical was shared by the sweetest little girl.

“This one time, my dad gave me an iPod. [laughing] I mean an Ipad (She’s five!). One day I really wanted to play a game on it, but I couldn’t find it. So I prayed three times and still couldn’t find it. Then I asked my mom and she said ‘go look on the computer table’, and I found it.”

…sometimes it takes everything in me not to laugh. Not mocking laughter, just appreciative laughter at how adorable and funny children are! They are so precious.

“So you prayed and Heavenly Father helped you and your mom find you Ipad?” I followed up.

Another little girl shared, “At Easter, whoever found the most Easter Eggs won an Ipod. I really wanted it, so I prayed that I would win, and I did.”

It was too cute! Ps: Since when does the Easter Bunny hand out Ipods to five-year-olds?!

Following church we napped. Well, Bekah and Jane napped while Bryan and I chatted. Following their nap Bryan made us all the most delicious waffles! I was in heaven! Then, to the Brooklyn Bridge for an Sabbath evening stroll!

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with the city lights glowing and the moon shining is truly magical. Bekah quoted Newsies the whole while, and rightfully so. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip.

Girls, I think you should come back now…

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