Bekah, Jane Birthday Visit

Last night, I received another spectacular birthday present: a visit from two of my favorite gals, Bekah Price and Jane Jeppson! Even though I’ve been anticipating their arrival for a month now, I was as giddy and elated as if it had been a surprise! LOVE these girls. Do you remember when I talked about infinity friends here? Well, these two definitely qualify as infinity friends! That, and they’re really my sisters (technically Bekah is my biological sister and Jane…well she should be my biological sister). SO fun having them here for an entire week! Let the adventures begin! Well, continue really seeing as we started adventuring last night…in fact, we had a lil birthday party for me! First we ventured to watch the sunset over the Hudson.

Everyone sweetly spit and made a birthday wish for me. (Note the spit in each picture...very ladylike.)

We also happened upon some contemporary art...and made it our own...

Then of course there was the actual sunset. Tell me that's not gorgeous!

After the sun was gone, we did a lil grocery shopping at the infamous Fairway. Then we made some fantastic taco soup and cupcakes for my birthday dinner while we planned out the week!

Such a fun evening! Ps: Twenty-five feels wise. I’m kidding. It feels the same. No matter how old I am, I still feel young. Truthfully, I'm ok with the whole feeling young thing... Young at heart?

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