Birthday Countdown

Today is my birthday. Twenty-five! Quarter of a century! And I love it! Normally, I wouldn't just come out and say that, seeing as it's a little too "Look at me! Look at me..." but as it's already been such a wonderful birthday I really can't help but to share!

This past week my amazing husband has been doing a birthday countdown of daily surprise activities for me based on things he loves about me (and things I love)! It has been so unbelievably fun! …you know the whole “love languages” thing...? Yeah, I’m definitely "quality time" and Bryan knows it. He’s honestly made my birthday flawless! It's made it to a top favorite week of all time for sure! And further, it’s perfect that we've been able to spend so much time together seeing as we have guests coming and going for the next two weeks: Jane, Bekah, Mom, and the Pops (who we’re SO excited to have).

Thus the birthday countdown. It all started Tuesday with Mama Mia. What I failed to mention when I shared about that fantastic evening, was that with the tickets Bryan included a brilliant birthday card that disclosed a daily clue for seven birthday surprise activities!

1. Tuesday: Your love of music.
Mamma Mia! Again, breathtaking and fun! Love ABBA!

2. Wednesday: Your love of kids.
Reading children’s books! Yes we spent well over an hour reading children's books in our pjs: The Tale of Three Trees, Oh, the Places You'll Go!, Because I Love You (love anything by Max Lucado), and of course He Came with the Couch.  Reading children's books is one of my favorite hobbies!

3. Thursday: Your love of the gospel.
Manhattan Temple trip. There is no better way to spend time together than in that most holy of places.

4. Friday: Your cultured palette.
Hamburger night. Haha. I died of laughter. I’ve been craving a big juicy hamburger WITH a good gluten free bun ALL throughout finals (and even long before that)… Thus he researched and tracked down the most delectable gluten free buns! Best hamburger I’ve had since before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

5. Saturday: Your love of the arts.
THIS one is hysterical. Are you ready: Thor. The movie. He LOVED explaining the connection. Thor…Viking God of Greek mythology…Greeks...sculptures…art…get it! Hahaha! Sound logic, no? He definitely makes me laugh!

6. Sunday: Your love of the outdoors.
A beautiful picnic in Central Park! Bryan packed a picnic and brought it in a backpack to church, so directly following the day's services we walked over to the park and relaxed. 70 degrees and sunny: it doesn't get better than that! And tell me, is Central Park not magical? I adore this haven.

7. Monday: Your love for creepy plumbers.
Not going to lie, this clue caught me off guard. I was entirely confused. But alas, a Mario party! Ha! We love Mario tournaments! Old school Mario never gets old! the way, some of the levels are seriously impossible! That's all!

And that was my amazing birthday countdown! Is he not the most thoughtful and wonderful husband and friend?! I love him! Call me a complete cheese ball, but it's true! I can’t imagine a better birthday present! And I can't imagine a better husband! 

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