Bekah, Jane Visit: Bird Poop

Glorious day. Jane and Bekah are still in town, which makes me oh so happy…cause I love them! They’re seriously SO fun! Thus let's talk Friday. Friday we spent adventuring through Central Park, down Fifth Avenue, around Union Square, and home again… It was fantastic.

We entered the park at 81st on the Upper West Side. Here’s the catch. As we started our stroll around the park, we noted a great number of photo shoots. Thus we adopted this theme of modeling. We catwalked everywhere (or at least attempted to do so), and fabulously posed throughout the beautiful park. First stop: the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond.

Then over to Belvedere Castle.

We continued our park modeling escapade. This first one is Narnia inspired.

We posed/swung on a vine. (Who knew there were vines in Central Park?)

And then to the pond (hitting up the Enchanted “How Do You Know” finale and 27 Dresses sites).

Alas, the "candid" photo shoot. The goal: laugh. It was 100 percent hysterical and 100 percent awkward! Loved it! Rebekah went first.

...isn't she gorgeous! Jane went next.

Again, gorgeous! Then me.

My shoot got cut short, however, when a bird pooped on me! SICK!

It caught me completely off guard!

Then I got grossed out and nearly gagged…the sweater was quickly removed.

The whole poop thing kind of threw off our modeling groove as we couldn’t stop laughing… It was SO FUNNY! We recovered by the bathrooms however…yes we modeled in the bathroom stalls. They were SO short we couldn’t help it! Awkwardly short even!

Jane’s The Little Mermaid.

“Yoga”…as you can see we’re absolute pros!

And more…

We're naturals…

After spending all morning in the park Bekah and Jane wanted to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar... again! Not kidding: they’re in love! (And of course the samples are phenomenal!)

Then to Fifth Avenue where Bekah and Jane picked out their Tiffany engagement rings. Bekah fancies the emerald cuts and Jane the pear! Ps: did you know they have engagment rings worth MILLIONS! Crazy!

The funniest was when we went into Harry Winston pretending Jane was engaged to “Greg”…whoever that is. We were looking at exuberant styles and talking about how “Greg” would gladly buy Jane anything she wanted…even the ridiculously expensive Harry Winston rings. Well, we must have been heard as upon leaving a sweet old man followed us out to offer some “grandfatherly advice”. This sweet old man gave us a little talk on how it’s important to get Jane’s fiancé’s budget so not to have “delusions of grandeur”. I think he was worried for poor “Greg” as he continued, “You don’t want your fiancé to feel bad when he can’t afford what you want…” Sweetest man ever. We thanked him and went on our way. Jane will straightaway ask “Greg” his budget.

St. Patrick’s.

Then down to the Union Square farmers market.

And last to Max Brenner’s Chocolate by the Bald Man for scrumptious hot cocoa in my favorite Hug Mugs!

Seeing as the week has been extremely busy, we decided to head back to the apartment to have a “bum night” with Bryan (who’s tragically been sick) chatting, eating, and watching movies… You know, sometimes doing nothing is just the ticket!

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